Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello everyone!  I hope everyone has had a lovely week so far.

I thought I'd show you some pics of my OTHER teeny, tiny bath.  This is the bathroom my daughters and guests use.  I have to say, it was super difficult getting any good pictures in this room because it is SO tiny and the lighting was just horrible (need a better camera...or photographer?!?! LOL)  I either got good lighting with fuzzy pictures or bad lighting with clear pictures.  So I'm showing a little of each.  I hope you can still get the jest of the room.

This bathroom is SO small I had a hard time actually getting a shot of the whole thing.  It's not like my other bathroom, where I could be in another room to take a picture of it.   There were actually walls and doors in the way this time (lol).

A lot of you will remember this picture from my master bathroom post.  This is actually the before picture to this bathroom.  You can't tell by this picture, but that cabinet was so huge in this teeny, tiny space that it actually rested on the bathtub.  Yep, that's right...ON the bathtub (can you imagine)!

I chose to replace it with a pedestal sink to open the space up a little.

A vintage stool my youngest daughter used when she was too little to reach the sink.

I thought the sign was a funny play on words for a bathroom.  I know...weird, huh?
I have Q-tips tucked into the pitcher and the picket fence box holds toilet paper.  I  had to be very creative with storage in this bathroom.

You can really see how tiny this room is in this picture.
I was standing in the shower when I took this shot.

My husband and I installed the bead board paneling and trim molding.

These are family photos, some vintage and some of my girls when they were little,
but they're all of children. :)

If you look real close, you can just barely see where the cabinet is resting on the tub in this picture.
At least this tile wasn't orange or chocolate brown (yuuuck!)!!

We kept the tub and reused the soap holder, trying to save costs any way we could.
We got all of our supplies from... Home Depot (of course):  floor and shower tile, sink, toilet, faucets, bead board paneling, light fixture, door, toilet paper holder, and towel hook. 

We hired someone to install all the thing we definitely don't know how to do.  We attempted installing the tile in our master bathroom, and it was the funniest fiasco you can imagine...unlevel tile, mud slung everywhere, and bickering beyond comprehension.  We actually completed the counter tile and had to tear it all out because it was SO bad (lol)!  This whole remodeling thing has been a crazy experience!!

We added shelves in the shower for essentials (see them in the mirror).

Laura Ashley shower curtain bought at Target.

Some of the details...

...I added some rope trim to add a little texture and dimension to an all white shower.

You can really see what I'm talking about with the camera settings in these two photos.  Above photo has good lighting, but is too fuzzy... below photo has bad lighting, but is clear.


Well, I hope you could get the idea, regardless of my lousy pictures.
Do I sound frustrated... just a little (lol)? 

If you haven't seen my master bathroom redo yet, but would like to, click here.

I'm linking this post up to Donna's SNS party.  Head on over and check all the fabulous inspiration there is to be had!  Thank you, Donna, for hosting another great party!!

We're off to a birthday party and water slides tomorrow...yay!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

'Til next time...

:o) ~ Jo


  1. Hello..I love your bathroom reno! There is nothing nicer than wainscotting painted white! Have a good weekend..


  2. It looks fabulous! I can't wait to fix up mine which is beyond terrible. One day it will be nice :)
    Have a a fun weekend!

  3. Jo... this is so sweet!! I love it! Another great improvement!

  4. I think it looks beautiful! I only have a teeny tiny bathroom but it does the job. I would love to redo it .. but that's last on my list. I also love the beadboarding, I'll definately have to use that somewhere in my house..perhaps the laundry ..ok loved all your pics and they weren't that bad, actually pretty good. take care , Maryann

  5. Your bathroom looks lovely - so fresh and calm. The white everywhere if perfect and I love beadboard (have it in my own bathroom).

  6. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing your awesome photos. :)

  7. I think your redo looks terrific! I love the bead board. I want to use it in the 1/2 bath we would like to add on. Hopefully soon!

  8. It looks so fresh, clean, and inviting now. Good call on the pedestal sink, it has really opened up the space. I like your creative storage solutions,too. I've been posting some of my bath remolding, so I know what you have been going through. Lezlee

  9. Oh Jo, this bathroom is so adorable!
    It really looks bigger after the trasnformation!
    Well done!
    Have a wonderful and sunny weekend,
    Li :-)

  10. Hi Jo,

    Another GREAT makeover. And I love the sign and fencepost box in the bathroom. That's my kind of humor. I'm sorry about your feather the next party. If you post one again, I promise I'll play. And I'm not sure if you got my comment the other day, but thank you so much for the award. I will try to do my piece very soon!! :) Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi, hope its OK to contact you here. would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested drop us a line on our contact form ( thanks, Josh

  12. Gorgeous, Jo! I'm so in love with that pedistal sink and all the woodwork. Oh goodness it's beautiful!

    For sharper pics, try another light source. Those ugly auto lamp trees work well. Shine one light on the ceiling and one on the floor, never on your object, and keep the flash off. Put your camera on a tripod or something rock steady. Low lit rooms need the aperture open longer and absolutely NO movement is mandatory. And hold your breath while you click too. :)


  13. Jo, I think your Feather Your Nest party is a great idea, there were just several big parties here at the end of the week that may have kept people busy, I know I saw your plans for your party but couldn't due to previous commitments. I wouldn't give up if I were you, it takes awhile for things to get rolling.
    Your bathroom is wonderful, you all do a great job, and I really love your blog, putting you on my side bar to keep track easier!

  14. You're party sounds like fun! Will you be doing it next Thursday? If so, I'm in! I'm looking for friends and followers to share my blog with so thank you for being my first!
    Love your other shiny, crisp bathroom! It's beautiful! Also, love the Fresh Cut Flowers with the straw hat. SO glad I found your blog! ;)bb

  15. Oh come on , lets try for a Feather your Nest Thursday party one more time.
    Amazing what you can do in a small room when you use your imagination

  16. This is beautiful! You have done a wonderful job updating BOTH your bathrooms!



  17. good job on the bathroom. Isn't it fun to freshen up.... love the close up picture of the faucet. Fun

    ") L

  18. N-I-C-E, that looks just the way I would have done it!!!! and you are so right, when it comes to taking pictures it is really hard in a small room!!!

  19. Great job Jo !!! beautiful make over of your bathroom......nice that plate with fresh flowers on it !!! i really like it !!! have a nice summer weekend...hugs from me...Ria...

  20. Hi Jo,
    I wouldn't give up on the party so soon. Talk about it when you link up to other parties and invite people to join. That's what others do. I'm in again if you do go with it. But if it's just too much work, I understand.
    I adore your bathroom, I think I will show my hubby and suggest that we put the beadboard up in ours. Your all-tile and paint is perfection!!!
    Speaking of small bathrooms, you haven't seen mine. We have a smaller pedestal sink than yours and it overlaps the toilet on one side and the tub on the other. The toilet is almost touching the wall, too. I think mine has to be the world's smallest bathroom! Take heart, my friend, and have a wonderful weekend. Talk again soon.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  21. You are such an inspiration, I've not stop cleaning out and painting white since I found you. :)

  22. I just recently found your blog through another blog (although I can't remember which one at the moment!). Wonderful job on the bathroom re-do. It looks so bright, crisp and clean.

    About the lighting in the pictures ~ the shots came out blurry because camera didn't have enough (natural) light to focus. I don't know if your camera has manual settings on it but you could adjust the aperture so more light is let in. You could also lengthen the shutter speed which keeps the shutter open longer so more light can get in ~ however, when you increase the shutter speed, you also increase the need for a tripod (to keep the camera still while the shutter is open). Or, if possible, take the shots when there's more natural light available. One other thing to try if/when you need to keep the lights on is to see if you can change the white balance setting to "tungsten/incandescent" or "fluorescent" (depending on your light source) ~ that will make the color look more natural (takes out some of the blue or yellow from the lights).

  23. Hi Jo, I am new to your blog. I am a "mostly white" decorator also. Love your kitchen!!!!! I wondered if you would mind sharing where you got your white slipcovered sofa and chair. I am having trouble finding what I want in the Portland area. Thanks..............

  24. Hi Jo,
    Another great makeover! Love all the little details!


  25. NICE renovation!!! So sweet now. Thanks for sharing!

  26. I'm not a pro photographer either! Your photos especially of a smaller space) are fine. Don't worry so much.
    Okay, I really like your bathroom. I love the fresh tiles, the beadboard and the fabulous pedestal sink. I really really love your faucet handles. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hi Jo,
    This room is gorgeous too. You did a great job with such a small room. Your photos were fine, but the artist is never satisfied with their own work. I just love what you have done with your place.
    {{HUGS}} Amanda

  28. It looks so fresh now.


  29. Hi dear Jo! I've missed some of your post! bad blogging friend, very bad blogging friend!!!!
    I love the new look of your bathroom! So fresh and relaxed!


  30. Great transformation! You really opened up and freshened up the space. Love the little stool and the mirror!

  31. I think your pictures turned out great and the redo is fabulous! Love how fresh and pretty everything is.
    I wish I didn't miss your link party, sounds like fun...maybe one more try?

  32. Hi Jo,
    I'm blog hopping tonight (while eating a candy bar ;) I'm so glad to catch this post from the summer. Think you've seen my tiny bath which I'm happy with but our bathroom downstairs is tiny like yours here. There is hope after all! Your bath is so cute, I love what you've done with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Oh my! It's gorgeous!! What a beautiful makeover. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Your newest follower, Beth.

  34. Very pretty! We're considering doing beadboard AND a pedestal in our downstairs 1/2 bath. Did you have to change the pipes for the pedestal? Or were they the same as the sink you had installed previously?


  35. I like the vintage stool. I had something similar to that when I was little. Tiny bathrooms may seem unappealing but they have their own cuteness. A bathroom that's tiny can be just for the little ones or can be artistic due to it's smallness. When a bathroom is small though you have to be more careful about artistic changes. The finest details are more noticeable.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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