Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hello everyone!  I hope your weekend is off to a good start.  I've been working out in the garden and finding homes for my Etsy finds today.

So far, I've received everything I've ordered except from Faded Prairie.  She lives the farthest away from me, so it's to be expected that it would take longer.  I was so excited when they arrived and pleasantly surprised by their beautiful presentation.

I ordered the carving set above from Sara's Etsy shop, Sadie Olive.  She sells amazingly beautiful pieces of vintage silverware and other antiques and collectibles, as well as her beautiful photography.

In addition to the carving set that I ordered, she sent along this beautiful postcard with her photography on it, the vintage measuring spoons, and her business card.  How special is that!  I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised or happier with my experience of ordering from her shop. :)

The postcard is just as beautiful on the back side as it is on the front.

The cute little vintage measuring spoons found a home in my white ironstone creamer in my kitchen.  I added some measuring spoons that I actually use for cooking to the other creamer to balance the look, but I'd like to find some vintage spoons with that perfect old patina to put in there instead.  I feel another Etsy shopping spree coming on. ;o)

I took the postcard and business card she sent me and punched a hole into both.  I added a vintage key that I already had and used tattered ribbon that was actually sent with another Etsy order (pictures to come below) to tie the ensemble to a hook I had saved in our tool box...

...which I then (with the help of my husband) hung inside this vintage frame in my mudroom.

I used to have a vintage ironstone lid with a beautiful handle on it hanging inside the frame.  That got knocked off the wall and broke (boohoo), so I temporarily hung this little wreath there just to fill the space until I found something better.

But, I think this looks prettier.

What do you think?

This is how Dore sent me this awesome vintage street sign that I ordered from her lovely Etsy shop, Burlap Luxe.  She sells her beautiful pieces of original artwork that she uses to create magical signs and other lovely household decor that would be a wonderful addition to any home or garden. 

There's the tattered ribbon I told you about earlier.  She attached this sweet thank you note and a little snippet with the definition of "shabby" on it.  I LOVED that!  Dore and I have visited often through our blogs and e-mails, and she is a kindred soul who knows how much I love all things shabby. 

I placed it in my little ironstone dishes (what are they for?...not sure) that I have displayed on my kitchen island.  Thanks Dore!  You're a dear blogger friend. :)

I tried a number of different spots in my house, before I decided this is where I like the sign best.  It was a perfect compliment to the other enamelware pieces I have in my mudroom, and it's something you really notice as you come in the door from the carport.

I still need to paint the screws we used to hang it up with white.

I decided to put the vintage flour sifter I ordered from Gypsy Fish above my mudroom closet.  I thought it fit in nicely there.  It didn't come with a special presentation, but it was shipped promptly and arrived undamaged.  What more can you ask for? :)

These are flowers from my garden that I took a picture of especially for you to say THANK YOU to all of you who stop by and leave such lovely comments.  I appreciate each and every one of you!! :)

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I hope you all of have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs ~ Jo



  1. What a beautiful things you bought Jo....i really like have a lovely decorated home.......wishing you a happy sunny funny sunday....hugs and love Ria.....

  2. Hi Jo...your new treasures are all wonderful! I love how you've displayed everything. The postcard and key are precious.

  3. I love your home! All of your goodies fit perfectly there!

  4. What lovely finds! I just adore everything you purchased! How sweet of you to link back to all of the shops...I am sure they are thrilled for the mention!

    Evertyhing looks so pretty in it's new home! The sign is my favorite...I think I need one;)!


  5. Everything looks so nice in their new homes.

  6. Love your house. Just beautiful. The items you have purchased off Etsy are really just perfect aren't they. They look wonderful in your home.

  7. Hi Jo!

    Everything looks fabulous as usual! And I LOVE everything from Sarah, too. Her photography is amazing!

    Oh, and I finally remembered to add you to my blogroll, too! I don't want to miss a single post!


  8. What beautiful things. I'm a big fana of etsy too :)

  9. Beautiful items from your home so fresh and pretty!


    PS. I'm going now to visit their Etsy shops!

  10. Hi Jo,

    found your blog a few days ago .... and just love it. Your home is sooooo beautiful!

    Regards from Germany!

  11. I love your house. It is so light and refreshing. It's so inviting that I feel at home just by looking at your photos.

  12. Jo,your ironstone is just so pretty and you always pick the perfect placement for your new treasures!

  13. Terrific finds and great ideas on the displays!

  14. Dear Jo,
    what lovely items you bought...I love old silver ,too !! I got a lot of silver cutlery from the fleamarket last time , I`m so happy about it ...and we use it nearly every day....I love etsy in Germany it is DaWanda...and I bought some things there..
    Love your idea with the pictueframe..
    Have a nice week,
    all the best,

  15. JoJeana, you have a BEAUTIFUL home! Wow! I love all your etsy finds. I just love that site! And my favorite has to be how you have the postcard and key displayed in the frame. Genious! I think I might have to "borrow" that idea. :)

  16. Hey "Jo"
    Oooooh, oh, oh!! I am in shock! truely am in shock! Your post is amazing and I considered keeping the street sign and thought I might miss it. After seeing it in your home I knew it belonged to you!

    As I have commented often, your home and presentation of it literally takes my breath away. Being featured in your home and on your blog is such an honor, its as if I have been featured in one of our favorite euro chic cottage style magazines.

    Thank you "JO" for your support, love, and friendship.

    PS. I have family really close to Porterville CA. maybe we will bump into each other someday

  17. jo, adore your choices and your home is beautiful. some people just do things in a classy way!!!

  18. Beautiful! I like all of your purchases, they are all unique and so pretty! I especially like what looks like old street sign. You always display everything so perfectly. I am loving all of the enamelware that you have in your mudroom.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  19. Jo you really did find some Etsy treasures. I am so lovin' that street sign!!!

    I have missed the most beautiful posts here of late and have now got all caught up on the beauty here. My gosh, your home is beautiful! It is always such a pleasure to visit.
    I want to thank you for such dear words of encouragement. What a lovely friend you are to take the time to make my day.

  20. Wow, you found some lovely things on Etsy, and how nice that it all came wrapped up like little gifts.
    Thank you for becoming my follower, I am glad I got to meet you this way. I will be following along now too!

  21. Found you on the blog hop and so glad I did. Your home is gorgeous!

  22. LOVE your wall decor - it's absolutely adorable! And LOOOOOVE those flowers - beautiful!

  23. Wow, your purchases are stunning! I love all your pictures, gorgeous! Enjoy your day :)

  24. I am your newest follower from friday follower!

    Kari @

  25. So glad to have found your blog! One word to describe it... BEAUTIFUL!

  26. Thanks Jo for the return visit and sweet comments about my jewelry. When I came back to your blog I just read this post and fell in love with how you've decorated your home. I just love it and especially love what you've chosen with the vintage key and sadie olive post card and shabby ribbon combination. A dear friend of mine told me she buys vintage worn white sheets at a thrift store and tears them into strips for fun projects. Hmmm!

  27. One could also tea or coffee dye the strips of material for another style/look as well. :) Probably the more cotton and vintage worn out sheets the better. Happy hunting and glad to have inspired your hunt. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  28. Hi Jo.....I love the looks into your home - they are just so serene and beautiful.........

    have you always decorated that way?

  29. Kathlene Bradfrod-MarksAugust 6, 2010 at 1:22 PM

    Hello Jo. Just wanted to add my two cents about the little white dish you have displayed w/ the definition of shabby in it. They are actually old soap dishes. The first one I ever saw was in Al Capone's home, near Lake Leelaneau, MI. It was from his "hide out" there, back far in the woods. There were several of them, each located on the lip of a sink in the bathrooms.

    The next ones I saw were located in Fayette, MI, in a small deserted, ghost town. They were in the doctors home/office that had been totally redone and had the original items in the home/office from that era.

    Hugs...Kathlene Bradford-Marks :o)

  30. Thanks Kathlene! I've often wondered and now I know. :) I thought they were too small for soap dishes, but I could see the smaller bars of soap fitting nicely into the dish. Did you see these places on a tour?
    Thanks again for all the info!!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  31. I really love the vintage silverware you got. It's amazing how a kitchen looks so much better with the right silverware.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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