Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello everyone!  I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far!

I just wanted to sincerely thank all of you who stopped by and left such nice comments about my mudroom fluffin' post.  I sure do appreciate all the input and love getting to know all of you gals!!

I wanted to share with all of you the beautiful show this crape myrtle tree has given us this year.  About a week ago I did a post about the garden and showed you a lot of our crape myrtles, as well as other parts of the garden (If you haven't seen that post but would like to, you can check it out here.).  The crape myrtles were just starting to flower at that time. 

This is how the tree looks right now (above)...

...and this is how it looked just one short week ago (above).

Isn't it amazing how much can change in the garden in one short week?  I've been absolutely amazed by the profusion of blooms it has on it this year!  Crape myrtles actually seem to flourish in the immense heat.  It's been between 100-106 degrees for a week now, and THIS is how it responded to the heat (above)!

I still can't believe it went from the way it looks in the above picture to how it looks in the one below in such a short period of time.  Mother nature never ceases to amaze me. :)

Thank goodness for the crape myrtles!
They've added the summer color needed in the garden while my roses and lavender are suffering from the heat.

There are so many beautiful gardens in Blogland to look at, so I appreciate you taking the time to let me share mine with you.  :)

Enjoy the rest of your week my blogger friends!

'Til next time...

Hugs ~ Jo



  1. Beautiful, I would love to sit here!

  2. Hi Jo, I love looking at your garden and all the paths you have created! Your crape myrtle looks just gorgeous. I have one same colour much smaller though but I think I may have it planted in the wrong place as it doesn't get much sun, so I may have to move it! Re your mudroom, it looks fantastic. We don't have mudrooms here in Australia, just laundry's not unless someone builds there own house and incorporates one. I love the look of it! take care, Maryann

  3. Hi Jo~~~your tree is amazing!!! You must just stare at it all day long. Beautiful!!!

  4. Jo, that is really full and gorgeous. I have noticed the ones around here are a lot fuller this year with huge blooms. We had a drought the last three years and then we have had tons of rain this year and I think that has really affected them this year. Your tree is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this beauty.

  5. Hello Jo
    What a tree!! Thanks for sharing..


  6. That is a very beautiful tree.....I think I need one of those....;)


  7. I'm in Florida where about every other house has a crepe myrtle. but I have NEVER seen one as large and full of blooms as's amazing to say the least! I know that with a smaller crepe myrtle, if you deadhead the first blooms, you can often achieve a second.
    Happy Gardening and thanks for sharing,

  8. it's beautiful jo. really beautiful.



  9. Yup, always beautiful in GA and SC and you're probably right about the heat! Our neighbors have 3 in their side yard that have been in the ground for 3 to 4 years and it has yet to bloom here in the Seattle area.

  10. Just like Susie, I too am in Florida. I have a smaller one with the same color. LOL It had a lot of blooms on it for its small height. I love them and they are easy to take care of too. I just have to clip them back once a year and they keep shooting up. I thought I was going to lose the small one to the freezes this year, it came back full force. :)

  11. wow!! how gorgeous!!! I've never seen such a pretty tree....

    it's amazing isn't it? how short beauty lasts sometimes....but I suppose it's how you look at it!

  12. They are really stunning. Yes, it's the same here they bloom like crazy in the high heat and humidity. Love all of your white decorating pics on the right sidebar.

  13. Beautiful! Stunning color!
    And love all your extra photos, so much to look at.
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  14. I have never even heard of that kind of is so pretty. maybe it does not grow here.

  15. Jo !!!! it ia amazing !!! what a beautiful !!! ...happy day darling....................hugs from me....

  16. Your tree was beautiful, I enjoy looking at your gardens. I love your stone pathways. I feel the same about many of mine. The spireas only last a week or two and peonies, I try to cut as many as I can because they do not last long. I found shrub roses, they are small roses but they do bloom all summer long and they are very hardy.

  17. Dear Jo ,

    what a lovely tree !!!
    The colour of the blossom is great and it seems to like the heat.... How long will the blossom stay ?
    Hope you will have very nice weekend,
    all the best,

  18. Beautiful tree, Jo! I don't think I had ever seen a crepe myrtle until I started blogging!! All those flowers!!

    I hope you are surviving the heat. We have been in the 90's for the past 2 weeks, it's like a free sauna!

    I popped over from Cozy Little House where you are featured. I read a bit of your blog. I love your decorating sense. And the mudroom looks fantastic!!

    Have a great weekend! :-)


  19. Hi Jo!

    I just came over from Brenda at Cozy Little House and am so glad i did! Your blog is beautiful...I'm now a follower!
    Pamela from French Buttons :)

  20. I don't think I have ever seen a Myrtle Tree, it is glorious! Our childhood dog was called Myrtle! Rachaelxo

  21. How beautiful! I love the big showy blooms! ♥

  22. Just last night I was pointing out crepe myrtle trees to my son and told him how much I liked them. Yours is absolutely gorgeous! It is overflowing with blossoms!

    ~ Tracy

  23. Your crepe myrtle is gorgeous! I just planted a wee bush that I've been talking to in hopes that it will live and bloom. It's a little iffy right now! ::Jill

  24. Those blossoms are awesome! I didn't know those trees were called crepe myrtle.

  25. Hi Jo~ just hopped over from Cozy Little House! Your crepe myrtle is amazing! I love your blog and am looking forward to reading more~ I am a new follower!

  26. I'm visiting from Cozy Little House and I am practically a neighbor! I live in Clovis and Good Goods is my favorite store too. What a treat to read your blog and see that you have blogged about them and love them as much as I do. As for your crepe myrtle...we just bought a house and found out that the crepe myrtle out front is lavender and it is blooming right now too!

  27. Beautiful tree! Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Julie

  28. I love your blog. And that crape myrtle is the most awesome one I've ever seen. Have a great day.

  29. What a wonderful garden you have, I have enjoyed looking at your garden and the sitting areas that you have...


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