Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello everyone!  I hope your week is going well so far.  We're having some beautiful weather here in central California... a nice 87 degrees today.  I'm taking it all in it before it's supposed to heat back up later this week.

I went out into the garden this morning to pluck some of the apples from our Fuji apple tree.  I know you're supposed to wait until September, but they're starting to fall off the tree.  This is the first year the tree is filled with apples.  In fact, this year has been the most bountiful year for the garden yet.

We're going to be very busy over the next couple of weeks.  My mom and her husband, Paul, will be moving down here in two weeks and will be staying with us for the next 4-6 months while their new house is being built.  We're super excited about them moving here and having them in our lives on a day-to-day basis, but there is lots to do to prepare for their stay.  So, this morning I took probably one of the last free mornings I'm going to have for a while to enjoy some me time, before I had to frantically start cleaning to prepare for company tomorrow (Paul's coming to make preparations for the move).

Some roses from the garden...

...Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine....

...Maxwell House's French Vanilla Cafe', and the kids were at school (sigh)... what more can a girl ask for?

Well, as I said, I'll be pretty busy for a while, so I'm not sure when I'll have time to blog again.  Hopefully I will be able to pick it back up once things settle down again.

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Thanks so much to all of you who visit and take the time to leave your lovely comments.  You put a smile on my face with each and every one. :)

'Til next time...

Jo ~ :o)


  1. What a peaceful morning, coffee and a beautiful magazine to relax with. The apples and roses are such a blessing from a productive garden!

  2. As always... your pictures are a delight! Lucky , you can grow apple trees!
    I wish you the best. How nice your mom is moving close to you. Cherish every minute with her!


  3. How wonderful to have an apple tree in your backyard! Your roses look beautiful.

  4. What a blessing to be able to pick apples from your own yard. We started a little orchard last year so hopefully will be seeing the fruits of our labor in a couple of years.

  5. Apples in your backyard? How wonderful is that. Hope you have a great time...with your family.

  6. Lovely post I love fresh apples! Have a great week!


  7. What a beautiful start to your day, the apples and roses from the garden look beautiful.
    Enjoy the time with your family.

    Happy September

  8. Very pretty pictures. The apples look yummy and the roses beautiful :)

  9. Hi Jo~~~those apples look perfect! and your roses are breath taking!!!

  10. Love your garden apples! Your pitcher of roses is sweet, love that too! Enjoy your family!

  11. "Jo" you said what more could a girl ask for, well you could ask me to come for coffee so I can hog that magazine from you, and take in all your beauty over here in person is soooo! much better :)
    beautiful Wednesday :)

  12. Hello dear Jo,
    I'm glad for you that you will have your mom in your home and life and you are looking forward to it. You must have a great relationship with her and her husband, what a blessing that can be. I am currently visiting with my daughter and her hubby and they are so sweet to me and my hubby, both of them are just wonderful.
    Your photo's of your roses are so lovely, and the apples are so big and beautiful! My apples were puney! And the Jeanne d'arc Living, ooh, I want one so badly. One day... Have a great day! And thanks for such lovely photos today!
    Hugs, Cindy S

  13. Fantastic pictures Jo! I love your roses :) Have a nice day. Hugs Alexandra

  14. Jo, I am visiting your blog from Selina's. And boy am I glad I have. Your blog is amazing. I love your house and when I saw the lavender in your front garden I was sold..I am a new follower now .. Sinead !!!

  15. I hope you enjoy your visit with family. I'm sure you will be busy, but try to take some time to yourself, even if it's just a walk out in your garden/yard. Love that you have an apple tree- reminds me of my grandmother's house. We loved climbing up into the tree for fresh fruit. aaahh, memories....
    hugs, Sue

  16. you are so cute...maxwell house cafe and a jeanne de arc....that would so be me - but I home school - so instead of a great magazine, it's saxon math! yours sounds so much more fun!! and relaxing!! lol

    Anne Marie

  17. We love Fuji apples - that is so great to have them in your own backyard! I'd love that! We have been going through a lot of them using our juicer. My youngest son loves to make up juice creations and I love that it is so healthy! Have a great day!

  18. Oh I wish we had an apple tree-lovely pic

  19. O no Jo don't leave us........hahahaha! nice for you that your mom is living by you the next weekes.....enjoy that time.......don't forget us....yammie apples !!! love Ria...

  20. These pics are so beautiful!
    And i love apples so much, both for eating and for decorating.
    Aren't they simply beautiful?

  21. Hi Jo,
    Ooh, I love Fuji apples and yours are so beautiful. Love the Jeanne d'Arc Living shots too, have that magazine here but haven't had a chance to crack it open yet. Have fun while you're busy and we'll see you when you come back.

  22. Your apples & roses are wonderful, Jo! I love these photos - so inviting.

    I know you'll be busy, but you'll be having fun too. Know we're thinking of you and sending you some hugs,

  23. Your pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  24. Those apples look delicious, Jo !
    And the roses have such a soft colour !
    Have a lovely time with your family,

  25. Hi Jo!
    Oh I love this post! There is nothing more comforting than a nice, 'nilla latte and yours looks, well.. scrumptious!! Love the cafe cup, too! Your apples look incredible. I can't wait for fall baking! OOh I hate that I had to miss out on that JDL issue.. I think I'm going to wait to buy a fall issue. We see you after your break! Take care!
    Hugs, Lara

  26. Lovely photos and very calming. Hope you enjoy your time with your family.

    Please stop by to check out our new Giveaway Friday linky party every Friday. Jane F.

  27. Oh how lovely and peaceful ~ aaaah someday....... JDAL is my very guilty pleasure as well. I brought it to the beach today and read for an hour before I knew it.

  28. Hi my sweet friend! Your cup of yummy coffee next to your beautiful roses made me want to run right out to the kitchen and make a cup! (I'll have to wait til tomorrow morning since it's bedtime here...). Have a wonderful time setting up for your company and welcoming them in to your awesome home. But promise me you won't be gone from us too long, ok? I'll be in "Jo-Withdrawal"! Love ya girl - and have a great holiday!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  29. Hi Jo, Thanks for stopping by for a visit. The roses from your garden are beautiful and the apples look so delicious. And grown in your garden makes it even taste that much better. i havent come across that magazine yet I will have to be on the look out for it. Have a great weekend...Julian


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