Friday, August 27, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!  I'm SO glad the weekend is here!  The first couple of weeks of school have been tough getting used to, with all of the added homework that comes with the 4th and 7th grades.  The kids are just getting back in the groove of things and need lots of help with their homework.  There are afternoons where we spend three hours doing homework after they get home from school!  Needless to say... TGIF!!

Now that I got that off my chest... let's move on to more pleasant things, like MAIL.   Don't you just love to get something in the mail from a friend, or maybe something you've ordered and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival?  Well, this week I received not one, but two wonderful packages in the mail.


A few weeks ago, I visited a lovely blog called Love of the Sea and left a comment on Debbie's post about her trip to Sanibel Island.  I couldn't have been more surprised when Debbie left me an e-mail thanking me for my visit and comment and offering to send me some of the seashells she collected from her trip.  Is that the sweetest thing, or what?!

We communicated a few times via e-mail before the package got here, and she warned me that I may need to clean them when I got them, as they came straight from the beach.  No store bought seashells here!

Look at this beautiful sand dollar she sent me.  It made it here all the way from Florida to California in PERFECT condition.    

Here is the pretty beach-themed card she sent with her package... too cute...

...and her sweet message.

I could actually smell the salty ocean as I cleaned the sand out of the seashells.

I can't believe she found these beauties right on the beach!

I hope you guys aren't totally sick and tired of seeing my dining room hutch, because that's where I decided to display them. 

Quick note... I only have four rooms in my house that aren't either bedrooms or bathrooms:  My LR, DR/kitchen, laundry room, and mud room.  The kid's rooms are too messy and cluttered with "their things", and the MBR needs a little fluffing before I share it with you gals.  Until our playroom/family room (garage redo) gets done, that's all we've got.  I  hope I don't completely bore you guys with the same old rooms. :)

When I saw the shape of these shells, I instantly thought they would look cute resting on the top of my vintage milk bottles... a seashell bouquet... makes me smile. :-)

Thank you so much for your generosity and friendship, Debbie, and for bringing a little bit of Sanibel Island into my home.  I absolutely adore the seashells!


As soon as I found out that Lori of the lovely blog and antiques shop Round Barn Potting Co. was selling Jeanne d'Arc Living magazines, I e-mailed her to let her know I WANT one.... I hope I'm not too late... please save me one.  Do you think I sounded a little desperate?

She sent it to me beautifully wrapped.

Thanks for the special little touches, Lori!

Don't you just love her business card?  Very cool!

And here she is... the coveted Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine (sigh).  I've been drooling all over Blogland as everyone else bought their copies.  I'm so excited that I finally have one to hold in my own two hands and drool all over the pages of.

It truly is a BEAUTIFUL bookazine.  It's more like a soft-covered book.  The pictures are spectacular and inspire every bit of creativity in me.  There are way too many beautiful pictures to share all of them with you... these are just a few of my favorites.

This is the August issue... I'm not sure if Lori has any of these left, but she did tell me she will have the October & November issues for sell as well.  I don't want to miss out on that... sign me up, Lori!

How about you?  Have you received anything fun in the mail lately?  I would love to hear about it.

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Thanks so much for your lovely comments, my friends.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs ~ Jo



  1. I love the way you displayed the shells. And gosh no, I could never tire of seeing that beautiful hutch. The book looks amazing. You should just photograph a few pages everyday so we can all see ;)

  2. Love your home and your hutch so don't worry about showing it to us all the time. Isn't the magazine amazing? I have also become hooked reading and drooling over all the amazing photos. Receiving little packages is definitely a great way to end a day!
    Happy Weekend :)

  3. I would never tire of looking at that hutch! It's gorgeous. So sweet of Debbie to send you the shells. I would love to find the frame part of your vintage milk jar holders. Very cool!

  4. Wow, great post. I enjoyed it so much and would never tire of seeing that great old hutch. Nice diplays and really cozy. Thanks for sharing,

  5. It's always fun to get something in the mail, and I'd say your box was full of treasures. I find that blogging friends are endlessly generous. The friendships made are the best part of Blogville!
    Your seashells are awesome. It is difficult to imagine that she picked all of these up on the beach. Now I've found many a sand dollar in my day, but all those other beauties were far and few between.
    As for what's arrived in my mailbox: a lavender envelope containing a packet of lavender poppy seeds from thoughtful blogging friend, Bella of Bella's Rose Cottage; a surprise package from my dear friend, Linda @ My Shabby Rose Cottage with 3 pieces of fruit that she had painted in the Courtly Check pattern that I adore; and lastly a box from The Frenchy Bee with part of my Anniversary Giveback gift to be awarded August 31, 2010. If you haven't put your name in the hat, please stop by HFTS and join in the fun.
    I enjoyed seeing photos of your home. Thanks for sharing! ~ Sarah

  6. The shells look beautiful Jo! What a fun surprise! I got my Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine from Lori too! Love it!!! My one big splurge besides Starbucks!
    Wow, your kids started school early. My son doesn't start till Wednesday about a week and a half from now. One more year of homework and complaining. They grow up so fast!
    Never tired of your wonderful hutch pictures!

  7. Gorgeous~ love the hutch! The shells are beautiful and what a sweet gesture! My kids started school last week!! I tell you, the
    summer vacation keeps getting shorter every year!

  8. Ok, why is my mail never that fun???

    I skip all the way to the house when I get a magazine!! I can't imagine if I actually received something like what you did! ;o)

    Happy for you...and I am a shell LOVER, so that sand dollar is fabulous in my eyes!

    Happy Weekend! (Oh, and I will NEVER get tired of seeing your gorgeous dining room!)


  9. That is a beautiful sand dollar. I've only found a few in my life, and none that large. They don't seem to show up on our beaches. It looks wonderful on your beautiful hutch too. I'd love to get a look at that magazine too, it looks like it is full of inspiration.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hi Jo,
    Loved your post. How sweet to get those sea shells all the way from Florida and you didn't even leave your property! ;o) The sand dollar that hubby gave me years ago was also from Florida. It resides in the guest house now. Sorry I haven't visited lately. Work is just unbelievable right now. I'm thinking June better get here quick. Ugh! I'm hoping with the nice weather to get some things painted tomorrow, like my new shelf. Take care.
    Hugs~ Amanda

  11. ~*~Thanks for sharing Jo! LOVE your hutch and such a special package~*~I hope to get one of those magazines soon..I feel like Im the only gal on here that has never bought one before!lol..Hope you are having a lovely weekend~*Rachel ~*~*

  12. Yes i also have two gifts lately again........that i show in my Monday post later...beautiful post and gifts !! so nice that shellfs....and the Jeanne d'arc magazine!!!! wow!! whe also sell it in our shop it is fantastic !!!.........i must work now.,......wishing you a happy weekend Ria....

  13. Hi Jo, your bottles with the shells looks wonderful. Fantastic idea! And I know the magazine it is wonderful! Have a nice weekend. l.G. Alexandra

  14. I never get mail this good :"(

    Infact I never get mail. Actually I lie, I got a flyer through the door from a bicycle company. I can barely ride a bike.


  15. My sister and I were just talking about Sanibel when I was down in Florida. I hope to go there someday. I love that magazine as well. It is such eye candy.


  16. I've always loved getting the mail - when I was young I'd run out the second it was delivered - not that there was ever too much for me! Looks like you had a fun week at your mailbox!

  17. Beautiful seashells! and the sand dollar is AMAZING! My daughter found a little one on the beach couple of weeks ago when we were on cape cod.

    I love your dining room hutch and will never get tired of looking at it, and I love how you displayed the beautiful seashells.


  18. Your gifts are wonderful. I love how you what you did with the sea shells.

  19. That hutch is fabulous! I love it, and I love the shells. Sanibel is truly awesome, just gorgeous! Love your blog, your home is truly lovely, happy to be your newest follower!

  20. Hi Jo,
    Debbie sent me a package of shells, too, after I had commented that I loved the day trip I took there last year! I thought that was so sweet and generous of her! They look great on your hutch! I did a display of her shells on our coffee table, & I blogged about it a few days ago. Your magazine looks just gorgeous! I have never seen a copy, though I have heard wonderful things about it! Enjoy!

  21. I won't get bored of your hutch especially with it's beautiful accessories. The sea shells look lovely.

    I have seen this magazine talked about a lot and I am very interested in it. Can you give me some advice what I need to do to get one? Thanks...

    Partying with you tonight at Donna's. Stop by if you have a minute.

  22. I love Sanibel Island and the shells are so amazing. How sweet of her to send you some! I love the way you have displayed them.

  23. Oh I am jealous! I want that magazine!! Lovely shells, too! That was really thoughtful of her to do that! And I never get tired of seeing your rooms and that hutch!!

  24. Jo, this is an amazing post, you have out done your Sanctuary place!

    I could take all your treasures and they would be right at home with me in my sanctuary place :)
    But I won't they do your place well.

    I have mentioned you in my latest post :0
    thank you for your support and great friendship :)
    You are a lady of soulfulness.

  25. Looks like you've got some great gifts to make your weekends great.
    I really love that kitchen? of yours too!

  26. I love your copper colander too!

  27. Jo - love what you did with the shells. I am going to have to copy that with my milk bottles....such style. The sand dollar looks terrific... it deserves such a beautiful & lovely home to reside in.

    I have not heard of that magazine before...I am going to check it out...

  28. Oh Jo, what wonderful shells and what you did with them to display them is just lovely. Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine magazine! I love that magazine. I won one a couple of months back from Manuela over at the Pleasures of Homemaking. I'd not ever seen one before and I fell head over heels with it.

    Lucky you for finding it and thank you for sharing with us where to get them!

    I hope you have very lovely Sunday,

  29. Ha! I have to laugh because my oldest wanted shells in her room from our trip to the beach, so I cleaned up a jelly jar and put some shells in for her, but her fave wouldn't fit, so it acts as a topper!! I will think greatly of myself now seeing you do the same!!! Nice that you got mail, good to have friends:)

  30. Jo,
    I love how you displayed the seashells and toppers for the jars...perfect! I love your hutch and will never tire of it. I really like that magazine you received as well! Happy back to school! I'm a teacher and start tomorrow a.m. Yikes!

  31. Jo,
    Hi, been following your blog all summer... love it! I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I have been wrestling with. I have a love for the white iceberg cottage roses, and I noticed your beautiful ones pictured. Well my problem is that white mildew and brown spots constantly plague them, how if at all do you deal with it? Don't really want to use pesticides, for we have many animals two and four legged!! Was hoping you might have some words of wisdom, thank you for the blog.

  32. Hi Jo!
    Too bad kids have SO much homework now, it just does not seem right, does it?!
    Wow, you lucky duck, look at your great gifts. I am vacationing with my daughter and her hubby and kids and we are on the Washington coast, but I have not seen the great shells that you received. Different sea life here, I think.
    I adore that magazine, I really wish they sold that in Canada, I want to have one some day.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  33. Don't you worry Jo. I could never be bored of seeing into other people houses, and I have the magazine stash to prove it.
    Oh yes, and prrepared to be hooked. After Jeanne d' Arc, you will never be the same.
    You really have received some beautiful things in the post my dear.

    I just had to come by to thank you for the comment you left today. It was so lovely and it warmed my heart.

  34. Wonderful post!!! and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! I think your blog is so lovely! Hugs!

  35. Hi sweet Jo! Debbie sent ME some shells, too! Isn't she just the GREATEST???!!!! Debbie from houseatthelake received a package of them, also. So naturally, all weekend while she was visiting here we kept saying how thoughtful she was and how incredible all of our blog sisters were and how we can't get through the week without connecting with them all and what awesome friendships we've cultivated by blogging and sharing and supporting and encouraging and.....well, I could just go on and on as you can tell. lol! I LOVE MY BLOG SISTERS!!!!!! Thanks for giving some love back to Debbie at loveofthesea, Jo. She sooooo deserves it! :)

    Have a wonderful day, dear friend!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  36. You have a beautiful home, I love looking at it! I was surprised when I saw that you got your magazine from the Round Barn, they are just a few miles from my house. That magazine looks great and I think I'll have to go over a get myself a copy :)

  37. Love the shells plopped into the openings of the bottles, Jo! And I love seeing the hutch...
    hugs, Sue

  38. Hi Jo,

    I loved seeing all your beautiful gifts you received, and how lovely the shells look around your home. Your hutch and photos are wonderful.
    I have seen the fabulous Jeanne d'Arc photos around blog land and one day I will try and get a copy, glad that you have this gorgeous mag.
    Many thanks for visiting me and hope that you are having a lovely week

  39. Hi Jo,

    you're such a lucky girl, receiving these beautiful shells.... And of course, I also love the JDL magazine, though it's not available in German and sometimes pretty hard for me to read... And be sure, I'll never ever get tired from watching your diningroom!

    I actually caught a cold and am not feeling really well but hope that it will be better the next days. The last 10 days my cousin Petra from Canada visited me and we had a wonderful time together. That was really fun! She hasn't been in Germany for 18 years and so we had a lot to do!

    And since yesterday I have a bunch of workers in my house, they pull down our wintergarden and build a new one, much bigger and fully air-conditioned, that's why I postet these pictures. This construction will last about the next 8 weeks, but then.......

    Wish you a wonderful time!

  40. morning sweet jo

    The gift of shells and your First Jd', you must have felt like you hit the jack pot!
    Love the post. I enjoy seeing a bit of your lovely home in all your posts and the shells are beautiful. My sister lives on the water in SC she even gets the shells with the guys still living in them.

    So, once you've glimpsed a Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine, you are hooked for life... we'll be talking soon.

    I have your name down on the next issues.


  41. Who could ever tire of looking at your gorgeous hutch. It's beautiful. I agree about getting treasures in the mail. It's a treat.

  42. Oh wow! I just found your blog and LOVE it. Those seashells are gorgeous. You know Sanibel has some of the best shelling in the world. I love the Gulf coast. I love how you stuck the shells in your milk bottles. Your pictures are so beautiful.

  43. I hopped over from Love Of The Sea. Debbie also sent me a box of beautiful shells. She is the sweetest person, I just adore her.
    Your blog is exquisite and I've been having the best time visiting. And I join everyone else in saying that your hutch is magnificent!
    Your blog is absolutely beautiful and I will be back often. Thank you!

  44. I just became a follower. Beautiful blog!

  45. I miss the old days of snail mail. I use to get letters from my grandmother and they always be really exciting to get because it was a rare event. Now I get emails and it just didn't feel as special.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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