Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello everyone! 

Remember how I warned you in my last post that you may visit in the near future and see a picture of and old 1968 (OK, so it's not THAT old) motorcycle in much need of a little TLC?  Well... this is that post. 

Your motorcycle is finally on my blog Babe, so please don't take my pretty metal basket away.

Today I decided to clip some of my lavender crape myrtle blooms and bring them inside to put in my mason jars, so I thought what better time than now to do ... THE MOTORCYCLE POST. 

When I'm not using my mason jars for flowers, I store them in the infamous motorcycle basket, which I keep in my living room.  I got this lovely basket from (brace yourself ladies)...

THIS motorcycle!  My husband, being the non-blogger that he is, took this fabulous picture before he brought the motorcycle home.  This is the only picture he took that showed my lovely basket (do you think he thought it was ugly and was trying to keep it out of the picture?).  You can just barely see a corner of the basket on the back of the motorcycle.

I asked him to clean a little bit of the rust off (not all... got to have some of that rusty goodness still left) before I brought it inside, so he sandblasted it a bit for me.  If you were to do this yourself, you may want to put a clear coat sealer on it before bringing it inside to prevent the rust from getting on any carpets or other materials you may have it in contact with.  Since I have it on the wood floor, I didn't worry about doing that.

I love the way the lavender color of the flowers and the aqua color of the jars look together.

Thank you Babe!  I love my rusty metal motorcycle basket! ;o)

You just never know where you're going to find something for your home.  Maybe next time I go shopping, I'll head to the junk yard. ;o)

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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

'Til next time...

Jo ~ :o)


  1. fun post! I have a similar basket,found it in my father in-laws basement... it was his step stool for years until I snatched it up! what happened to the motorcycle?!!

  2. That is just too funny! And to think your hubby was going to toss the basket out! It looks perfect beneath your table! I am so in love with the corbels (is that what you call them?) that you have on your hearth. So cool! And your fireplace screen, too! And the window! I guess I should have just said I love it All, because I do!

  3. Love it! Nice that he could share some of his purchase with you! Love that gate in front of your fireplace!


  4. I love it Jo! You can see how the basket was low on his list! (o:
    Love, love, love the purple flowers in the mason jars!
    Love that long window you have in your dining room!
    And of course you know I love those wood floors!
    What a pretty home you have.
    Have a great week-end Jo!

  5. The jars look really good with your gorgeous crape myrtles. The basket is cool and I love your house...Christine

  6. I love your basket. I think your home is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. What a great basket! And I love the flowers!

  8. Jo, I love the crape myrtle in you aqua mason jars, great color combo.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. What an amazing find! I love your house. It looks so clean, fresh, and of so Pretty!

    Thank you for joining Friday Pretties this week. It is always so excting to see a new blog face on my Linky!
    Have a wonderful and fun-filled weekeend,

  10. What a pretty house! It is so light and airy. I love the table and your pretty aqua jars with the flowers. Soooo lovely :)

  11. I covet your rusty metal basket. Is that a bad thing to covet? Your flowers looks great. I'm going to grab some tomorrow.

  12. I love your basket.
    I LOVE everything about your home.
    I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  13. Beautiful your friday pretties.....wishing you a happy weekend !! love and hugs from me.....Ria....

  14. Hello
    Realy nice the basket an the flowers. Hm, you have a beautiful home.
    Liebe Grüsse

  15. I just love your decorating style!! That basket story is wonderful. My parents have a similar basket, it is a milk bottle carrier. Milk bottles used to be brought by the milkman in these and I think they also brought them to stores in it. I think it looks absolutely wonderful with the blue mason jars in it! Love the gate by your fireplace!! Wonderful!!

  16. That really is a great basket. I'm just thinking about all of things you can do with a goodie like that. The images of your crepe myrtles in the ball jars are so pretty.


  17. Love it!!!
    Your house is fabulous too:)

  18. I just LOVE your house...and I see my favorite thing - the large island in the kitchen peaking out of the side of one of the photos...That piece is just incredible! The blooms are beautiful - especially against the turquoise color of the jars.

    Looks like your husband has quite a project ahead of him. Have a great weekend!!!

  19. This is a beautiful set up you have here. The wire basket is wonderful. I want one!

  20. Oh my gosh I LOVE your living room!

  21. What a pretty look you have in your house. So fresh looking. It would be a great space to have a party or just to hang out! Jacqueline

  22. Love it! I love that you took something and created a brand new totally different life for it. Wonderful!

  23. The basket is great! I Love the aqua mason jars and Crepe Myrtles are my favorite flowering tree. I have two pink ones in my front yard and they in bloom now.
    PS. I LOVE the gate in front of the fireplace!

  24. Happy Saturday, Jo! I'm sure that your hubby is grinning from ear to ear right about now, right? lol! He probably didn't have a clue that he was also bringing home a treasure for you, too! lol!

    I could sit and look at your house all day long, girl. I soooo covet your kitchen. It's so nice and big! And that myrtle in those jars are so pretty... sigh!

    Oh, I also wanted to tell you to be sure to pop in my blog on Monday morning. I'm sending you an award, friend! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  25. Hola Jojeana, first time in your blog, how lucky to find you!!! Adorable and charming home, wonderful garden with amazing roses, great photographs and so great antique trearures!!!! Have loved everything and each piece you have.
    Greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  26. Sweet!!! Your Hubby has his hands full restoring that old bike, but hey, it's a '68! Good year. :)
    Love your flowers in the blue Ball jars, Jo! Great color combo!
    Happy weekend,

  27. ~*~ I LOVE the metal basket!! And for free..even better!!~*~ Also LOVE the white chippy pillars or corbels on your hearth!! Absolutely beautiful home decor~*~*~ Rachel

  28. Hi Jo,
    Oh I do love your little basket!!! I love it when I get to visit your beautiful home my dear.
    I love everything about it! Your pictures of the crepe myrtle are absolutely gorgeous!

  29. i love your house, so simple and chic! that basket is awesome!

  30. Fantastic decoration Jo. I love your blue bottles :) Have a nice Sunday. G. Alexandra

  31. Jo, I love the motorcycle basket, it looks like an old milk crate. We still have a dairy around here that delivers milk in our town so the crates are still used. I love how you display with it. Have a wonderful week.

  32. Hi Jo~~~that basket is sooooo neat! The myrtle in the mason jars is beautiful...I like the different levels of the water in each jar.
    Your living room and dining room are WONDERFUL!!! LOVE all the white!

  33. Jo, I love your wire basket and I love the story too:) Gorgeous crepe myrtle! I hope you have a fabulous week. Big hugs to you ~ Tina xx

  34. I love the old blue Mason jars, Jo. They are SO hard to find. They look so pretty with the crepe myrtles {we don't grow them here. Love the basket, too. Amazing salvage!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


  35. Love the basket and the crepe myrtle, and I love what you did with your TV, really great cabinet, and the skirt is a darling idea!!

  36. I love me some metal baskets...and your home is absolutely lovely.

  37. Thanks for the link... I LOVE that you got this from an old motorcycle... hilarious!!

  38. Both the colors of the flowers and the colors of the jar go well together. Great choice of jars and flowers. You really know how to match up colors.

    -Zane of ontario honey

  39. Um, can I come live with you? I'm very tidy and do not eat much. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!! :)


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