Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hello my blogger friends!  I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far. :)

Today, I thought I would share with you some things that are inspiring me in Blogland right now.  What I love about all of these ideas is that they are simple, but make a big impact.  My decorating style is all about simplicity.  When I put a vignette together, I don't want it to be too complicated or have it take me hours to clean.  We all have a lot going on in our lives, so I love it when I see great decorating ideas that are easy for anybody to achieve.

There are soooo many bloggers with inspirational ideas that I can't possibly show them all, so I'll share just a few for now.  :)

One of my favorites in Blogland right now are vintage ladders.  They seem to be everywhere you look.  What I love about them is that they add some great visual height to a space, they're rustic, and make a great display space.
This is something I don't have, but am definitely on the hunt for. ;-)

Dreamy Whites

French Larkspur

Vintage grain sacks or linen rolls (above and below pictures)... LOVE them.  Again, they're everywhere in Blogland.  What a simple way to add some impact to a room.  They can be used for table runners, napkins, pillows, throws, wall displays... you name it.  They're not cheap, though, especially if you don't sew and need to have everything sewn up for you... like me.  I don't have any... YET.   This is a new collection I plan to start some day soon. ;-)

Dreamy Whites

I LOVE vintage bottles. They come in so many different hues, shapes, and sizes, but I love it when one color is grouped together like in the photo below to make more of an impact. What I love about this vignette is that it's ONLY vintage bottles... nothing else. How can it get simpler than that... LOVE IT! Vintage bottles are something I've already started collecting due to all of the inspiration in Blogland, and I will continue to hunt for these fabulous treasures until I have enough to create this lovely vignette. :)

Dreamy Whites

More vintage bottles simply displayed in a wire basket... perfect.

White Flower Farmhouse

My vintage bottle collection

Here's another simple vignette, but definitely not ordinary... beautiful.

Dusty Lu

I love vintage shutters and doors/windows.  I love this simple but impactful display.
What a beautiful wall hanging.

French Larkspur

This is a great idea I've seen around Blogland a few times.  Vintage baseballs... what a great way to add some masculinity and fun to an all white room.  LOVE IT!

My Shabby Roses

Being that it is fall in some places around the globe (You wouldn't know it here in central Cali with our 100 degree heat!), I thought it would be appropriate to include a fall vignette.  I LOVE cast iron urns and using white pumpkins for fall decorating.  In my book, this is a perfect way to combine the two... gorgeous and simple.  I'll definitely be trying this one as soon as they stock some white pumpkins at the grocery store. :)

Raised in Cotton

I know I'm feeling inspired... how about you?  If you would like to see more of where these pictures came from, just click on the blog name below each picture. :)

I'm linking up to Vintage Inspiration Friday over at Common Ground.  Head on over to Debra's lovely blog for more fabulous inspiration.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

'Til nex time my blogger friends...

~ Jo :o)


  1. Thank you Ms. Jo for such wonderful inspiration! I love these ideas and I certainly plan on including these in my home design, credit to all of you wonderful bloggers! xoxoxo ~Ashley

  2. What great inspiration you have provided today. I love all of the things that you have shown, I don't collect all of them, but I do have two vintage bottles!! And you didn't mention enamelware, as I look around, I have realized that I do have another piece of it. It's an old breadbowl that I still use, now I am displaying it in my kitchen! You gave me that great idea! Like you, I LoVe ViNtAgE!!! Hugs, Cindy

  3. I'm back and catching up on all that I've missed and lucky have the most perfectly beautiful post! I love each of these pictures and desperately want this look in my own home. You have such lovely vignettes and in my book, your home is a huge source of inspiration - can't wait to see with the ladder you're sure to find soon! :)
    Hope all is well!

  4. Hi Jo!
    I LOVE this post! I'm very much inspired by ALL of the same things you have shown so beautifully here...wonderul pics!
    I just started my vintage bottle collection as well and have lusted after many a vintage ladder and grain fabric!
    It wouldn't do for us to shop together...we would want all the same things!! LOL
    Have a great Weekend!
    Tammy :-)

  5. What inspires you, definitely inspires me as well. Beautiful photos you have chosen with amazing ideas.

  6. ~*~*LOVE your choices Jo!!! Dreamy whites is just breathtakingly beautiful..and so are the other lovely blogs~*~~ Hugs, Rachel :)

  7. I am on a kick of collecting baseballs now (for some odd reason), so seeing them in your post made me smile!

  8. yup...I'm working on it Jo - I'm trying my hardest to minimalize more of my home...and what started it was painting the dining room walls white a year ago...

    i have a huge wall and need something up there - and i think one of the dealers for the show brought it today! i'm planning on posting on it - we'll just have to see when (lol)

    i love your bottle collection and you have SAWEET style on the furniture - i love that old kitchen flour bin!

  9. Love your inspiration photos, those are all great blogs! Hope you are staying cool, atleast we got some rain today and I've been waiting for those white pumpkins to appear in stores as well :)

  10. Love all your inspirational photos Jo! It makes me want to get rid of everything and start over again. '
    What a sweet surprise to see one of my photos in you post. What a sweetie!
    I hope you find that wonderful old ladder and grain sacks you want...for a great price.

  11. Great inspiration Jo. I would love a tall chippy ladder. Waiting for the right one to come along! Love your old bottle. Wish I had bought more at that crazy good estate sale over the summer.

  12. What a beautiful collection of inspiring photos. I have an old ladder like those that I used for displays when I had to my shop...I should dig it out :)

  13. Thank you for posting about me! That was sweet! Love your vignettes to and your style! Have a great day! lulu

  14. Hi Jo,
    I love all your whiteness. Don't think I could do it. I'm too much of a color girl. But I so love looking at all the beautiful pictures of white rooms. I can help you with the sewing though. They sell linen toweling by the yard at Joann's. At least they do here. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs~ Amanda

  15. Hi Jo,

    Many thanks for sharing all these beautiful and inspirational photographs.
    Yes, there are so many wonderful blogs out there, that make my heart flutter.

    Have a happy weekend

  16. These pictures are wonderful-thanks for posting them.You have really inspired me to create some simple vignettes using found objects!

    Best wishes for a great Friday,

  17. I think the white ladders and the classic milk bottles are a great look. I have always liked the CocaCola bottles with candle sticks in them. Unoriginal, I know. But it is such a cute look!

  18. Hi Jo, fantastic photos! I love your little bottles with the flowers. It looks so nice. Have a great weekend. Alexandra

  19. Wow, did I ever enjoy THAT tour! Heavenly stuff! I'd better quit reading or all the colour I jJUST added will be painted over with white again. LOL


  20. Truly Inspiring Photos ~ Love them all...

  21. Jo, I simply love your collection of bottles, especially the one on the scale! It has such character. I saw a ladder at an estate sale today and it made me think of you and your button we worked on together. I think I may have to go back for it tomorrow.... *smile*
    hugs, Sue

  22. Beautiful post Jo! Visiting your blog always makes me want to redecorate. And I sew - you get the fabric and I'll help you out. You've inspired me so much I would be delighted to return the favour!

  23. Hi Jo your up late! but so am I. Happy you stopped by, you can stop in at anytime girl, I always enjoy your visits. Love the ladders and I have one that was given to me by my grandfather but way to tall for the house. So I think I will cut it down, your photo's have inspired me. Everything you do inspires me :)

    I will be back to visit tomorrow so I can take it all in again.
    sse you then, and you have a great weekend as well. Oh is that rain storm hitting you yet! it has reached us and I have to tell you I am loving it :)

  24. Hello Jo...i don't see a picture of my blog?????...........hahahahah!! lovely post !! lovely friday you....Ria....

  25. Fabulous post and if you need a vintage french grain sack, I have a couple real cheap :-)

    Leeann x

  26. I believe I love the same things you do!!!! nice

  27. Hey Jo, what a fabulous post of wonderful inspiration. A few of the photos I hadn't seen, LOVE that white pumpkin and your hoosier cabinet base is so cool. Love the paint on it. Thanks so much for joining in! have a great weekend!

  28. Dear Jo,

    what a beautiful post !!! You collect such nice pictures and THEY ARE INSPIRING !!
    Love all and last time I found such an old ladder in our I have to find a good place inside the husband couldn`t believe it...
    Have great, relaxing weekend,
    best wishes,

  29. beautiful collection of pictures.
    love your yellow and white baker's table....right up my alley!

  30. Hi Jo, I like the blue old bottles too...I have found a few of my favorite white wines come in the most lovely blue so I just soak off the labels and mix them in with my older bottles and mason pretty.

  31. Gotta say I like yours the best, I like all of the elements in yours(not just one object to "see" but nothing overpowers the other, more so, compliments each other). Followed by Raised in Cotton, that is pretty neat in it's elements too:)

  32. Yes! I have admired YOUR simple style. Lovely photos from some of my very favorite blogs too!

  33. Great post! I love the vintage bottle collection.

  34. LOVE all of these as well, Jo!!! I have a cast iron planter ~ I'll keep my eyes peeled for a white pumpkin. :)

    Thanks for all the beauty you share!

  35. G'day~Thanks for the inspiration today.~Enjoy Kim

  36. Hi Jo,

    I know, I'm late but i couldn't write any sooner, I had a horrible car crash and stayed in hospital for a few days..... but everything will hopefully turn out well in the future. I have a bone in my back broken, but a 100 percent chance of healing. (I'm sure, this isn't proper english ;-)))

    You're pictures are so inspiring, thanks for sharing them! And I wanted to tell you, that I baked your banana bread days ago and it was sooooo delicious, have to translate your recipe to a bunch of people here in Germany!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend! How is it going with your parents?

    Many hugs

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  38. Major typos on that last post! Oh yes, I love those photos.. so classically inspiring to me as well. Someday I am going to do my first White Flower Farmhouse order; I always peek on their site. Your vintage bottle photos are scrumptious! I hope you are having a nice weekend. It's getting very cold here! I have several layers on as I wait for the husb to get back & take me to the flea market.. even got out the scarf!
    Hugs -- Lara

  39. Dear Jojeana, I definetely share everything you are inspired by!!!
    maria cecilia

  40. Hi sweet Jo! Your inspiration is my inspiration and you are also my inspiration, girlie! :) I loved this post and as usual, it had me looking around my living room wondering what I could! You do that to me alot, you know. lolol! I've recently just splurged on some vintage linen hemp grainsacks and I've become obsessed with them. I give you fair warning..... :)

    Hugs! xoxo laurie

  41. Hello Jo!
    I totally agree on all these lovely items... so beautiful!
    Your yellow table is so, so nice! Wonder what it has been used as...
    Have the best of days!
    Xoxo Susanne

  42. Your pictures are so inspiring! I must admit I have a thing for old tall ladders and vintage bottles. The images you have shown are beautiful.
    I did find some lovely white pumpkins at the stores today. It has been so hot in Southern California that even white pumpkins have not inspired me to get ready for fall. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  43. Thanks for the vintage inspirations! All so pretty!
    ~ Julie

  44. Hi Jo! I LOVE your vintage bottle collection!!! THANK YOU so much for including me in your inspirational pictures, I am so honored to be featured with all of those other talented girls, you are too kind!!! And I apologize for taking so long to come by, I have had a hard time catching up on everything since getting back from my trip. I really do appreciate the mention though and I just love your beautiful style!!! Your own home is so very lovely!

    Big hugs ~

    :) Tracey

  45. Your home is so so lovely! Oh those dreamy whites!

  46. You're right, these items are inspiring. I have a ladder, (my dad's old one) and it's perfect, but I haven't figured out where to put it yet. I've had a few bottles for years, and use them here and there. I'd love to find some shutters like that. Wonderful post Jo. Sorry I didn't get by sooner. I haven't been online much this week. Between school with my kids and getting ready for a yard sale, it seems my time has disappeared :-)

  47. WOW! Love your inspirations! They are all sooo gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I'll be visiting those blogs more often now.
    ~ Julie


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