Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello everyone!  I love the first rain of the fall season.  It makes me want stay inside all day, where it's nice and cozy, curled up on the couch with my knitted throw, reading my Jeanne d'Arc Magazine. 

We managed to get our gardening chores done today before this storm came in and washed clean what was left of summer.  

We enjoyed watching the downpour from our front porch.  I had to grab the camera to take some pictures.  I only wish you could hear the thunder and see the lightning that was happening as well.

You can see the French Lace roses I share with you so often in my posts in the foreground of this picture.  The pink roses in the distance are Scepter'd Isle.

Here's a closer look at the French Lace roses.

The field and hills will be green before long.

I wish you all a wonderful week!

See ya for White Wednesday!

~ Jo :-)


  1. We love the smell of rain as well.....
    Your rosees are gorgeous - look at all of them - what a statement they make outside of your home - wow!!

  2. What a beautiful picture of the sky - I love how dark the trees look.
    We're expecting our first fall rain this week - I can't wait to have a fire and bake some cookies.
    I can't believe you have so many roses left! I pruned all mine back and now miss having them all over my house.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Love the smell of rain. You are right, it's a good time to sit and cozy up with a good book. your roses are beautiful, and your yard so immaculate.

  4. Jo, we had our first rain too ;) with thunder and lightening! I don't know how you care for that garden of yours, it's soooo big! Big and beautiful though. I love the rain also, tomorrow, I'm off and going to make a big pot of chile with mini corn bread muffins. Craving some comfort food, and happy the heat is over. tami

  5. I certainly enjoyed the first day of rain into this fall season! So had to make pumpkin spice bars just to really feel cozy yummy! xoxoxo

  6. Dear Jo,

    oh boy, I missed so many of your posts...... took me a while to read through all of them but it was so worth it....... you took so many beautiful pictures ( don't like the spiders very much but I know, this is Halloween ;-))))

    You were right, my last post title referred to my back (did I tell you that I have to wear a corset for about 6 to 8 weeks?) so today I finished the third week. I get used to it and wonder how I should live without it after having worn it for another couple of weeks.....

    We're having fall break right now so last week my familiy and some other familiy members spent a week in beautiful Austria, feeding the cows ;-) We had a wonderful time (didn't have to clean the kitchen up, they pampered me all the time....) and I'm going to show some pictures on my blog.

    Jo, thank you so much for all your lovely comments, they always put a smile on my face!
    Wish you a wonderful week!

    Yours Birgit xxx

  7. Wonderful to get those first rains particularly after a long dry spell. It doesn't matter how much you hand water (or irrigate) there is nothing like rain to bring out the best in the garden. Thank you for calling by and leaving a lovely comment. Your garden is beautiful and I envy your ability to be able to grow Roses so profusely! I hope your enjoyed your day of R & R. ;)Sharyne

  8. Don't you just love to sit on the porch and take in a thunderstorm. Something magical about the sounds and the smells of a rainstorm. Sounds like you really enjoyed your first rain of the season.
    Have a wonderful wekk.
    Donna xx

  9. What a vieuw!!!......yesterday it was beautiful weather here sun was shining the whole day...we gone out with the dogs...walk for a while........happy new week my darling you......Ria....

  10. Glad you enjoyed your rain! I wish you could send some our way!

  11. Dear Jo,

    first I have to say how much I like the conversation with you !!
    I´m so happy about every comment ....and I agree with you that the first rain, after a long time without, is somethiong very special...good that evrything outside is done...
    And I also like the feeling of staying indoors with a clear conscience...
    Have a great week,
    best wishes,

  12. What beautiful photos to start the week...thank you and enjoy!

  13. Lovely! We got a little snow last week. Such a beautiful time of year.
    Have a happy one, Jo!
    ~ Zuzu

  14. ~Jo
    Rain? Ah! No Thanks thats all it's been doing here. :) But, if it would have created such beautiful pictures as you just did in this post then rain away ;)
    Have a great day!

  15. I have to say I love the way your header looks right now - so simple & attractive! And "Fresh Country Cottage Style" is perfect! You have an amazing front yard and a beautiful country view. We haven't had any rain for awhile. It's just been warm & sunny mixed with some chilly blasts.. think it's time to flannel up the beds. :) Are you as excited about the holiday issue of Jeanne d' Arc, too? The Autumn issue is so cozy.. perfect to curl up with under a sofa throw blanket.
    Lara ♥

  16. Hi Jo! What a spectacular view you have out your windows with that field across the street. Gosh, you can see forever! Your roses look so healthy. What's your secret? Or is it just that perfect CA weather? Do they smell like F. vanilla? Hope you have a wonderfully cozy day reading your JDA mag under that comfy throw. Heavenly!!!

    xoox laurie

  17. I love the pines to the left of your gardens and the mountains in the far background. We have no mountains here in Minnnesota.

    I do have you down on the reservation list for both JUL and the Nov. JdArc. It looks like JUL will be arriving to me soon.

    Thanks again, Lori

  18. Jo, your roses are just amazing, we have Japanese beetles here that we battle every summer. They just devestate roses. LOVE seeing the mountains in the distance. what a lovely setting!

  19. The picture of the sky is unbelievable! Absolutely beautiful. We had rain down this way too and it was wonderful. It feels so good to have some moisture in the air and I also love the feeling of the air washed clean.
    Your roses still look beautiful. I have a few left but certainly not as many as you. Your garden looks so beautiful. Have a great week!

  20. Hi Jo,
    Enjoy the rain! I'm sure your roses are loving it. I didn't realize that you lived in the country, how nice for you, you can look over fields instead of other peoples yards and homes. I'm sure you are looking forward to everything greening up.
    Hugs, cindy

  21. just the name, "french vanilla" brings to mind pretty things & lovely days. your pictures are beautiful.

  22. Hi Jo,

    There is something wonderful having the rain, and thunder and lightening is always an exciting time.
    Your roses will be loving the rain and I enjoyed seeing the lovely photos of your garden.

    Hope that you are having a great week

  23. Your roses are all so beautiul. The dried, yellowed field makes for such an interesting contrast in your pictures. I'm sure it's giving a little "sigh of relief" for the rains :)

  24. Hi Jo, I can feel the rose scent all the way to Sweden-hihi, as nice as you have it.Varma hugs to you / Ingela.

  25. Your garden outlook is lovely and I love those french vanilla roses, very pretty.

  26. Besides your so beautiful roses I´m so happy to see the wonderful place that surrounds your home, really pretty!!!!

  27. Such Beautiful photo's! I love your cottage here, we are searching for that perfect little cottage ourselves. You are an inspiration!

  28. A lot of people don't like rain but sometimes we just really need it. Rain helps give plants and animals life. It's part of the order of nature.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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