Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hello everyone!  I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm sooo tired of cloudy, grey, dark days.  Here in
Central California, we've had a lot of fog and low lying cloud cover, and it was making it
impossible for me to take any decent pictures.  I don't have all that fancy camera equip-
ment (bummer) or a fabulous camera (super bummer)... just a simple point and shoot
camera with autofocus.  I can zoom a little bit and take close-ups, but that's about it.

OK... now that I'm done whining...

So... since the sun finally came out to play today, I thought I would snap some pictures of
how I've been trying to add a little sunshine to my home with a little greenery here and there.

I love the vibrant green color of this pair.   I often use fresh produce to add some greenery to my
home, instead of fresh cut flowers.  They last longer, and they're way easier to take care of. ;-)
And... of course... my family loves to eat them, too, so they don't go to waste.

I received my package from Maria of The Growers Daughter... one of my lovely sponsors.  She was
so sweet to send me these towels along with my order.  I'll share more of that in another post though.

Yep... I finally tired of the pine cones and the mercury glass was clashing with the green of the pair.

Some baby's breath and dried hydrangeas.  I've finally ordered some vintage glass bottles for my
vintage bottle holder, but haven't received them yet.  I thought the hydrangeas would be a quick
fix until they get here.

I bought this Mums plant at the grocery store yesterday.  I fell in love with the pale pink
color of the blooms, and the bright yellow centers definitely add a little bit of sunshine to
my living room. :)

This was another fun find from Etsy.  It's a vintage carpenter's apron.  I love the bold black lettering,
and the patina reminds me of the way old paper ages.  The vintage envelope and post card also came
from Maria of The Growers Daughter.

I hope I'm not totally BORING my long-time followers with more pictures of my home... yawn.

How about you... are you trying to bring a little sunshine into your home with some pretty
greenery?  I know I've seen lots of beautiful tulips around Blogland.  Of course, I couldn't
find any in my itty bitty town... big shocker... so I had to improvise. :)

I'm linking this post up to Vintage Inspiration Friday over at Common Ground.  Thanks
for hosting every week, Debra!

While you're here, make sure to check out my lovely sponsors... Mary of Urban Farmgirl and
Maria of The Growers Daughter.  They carry some of the most beautiful vintage pieces in their
lovely Etsy shops.

I hope you all have a bright and sunny weekend coming up!

'Til next time...

~ Jo :-)


  1. Jo I love to see images of your home, and it is really so easy to make little changes!! I adore your zinc countertop!

    Come and join in my Gorgeous Giveaway from Blydesign!

    Art by Karena

  2. I don't think I would ever be bored looking around your home. It is beautiful and I love the green you are bringing in with the pears. So pretty...

    Happy almost weekend to you.

  3. Love it all! So bright and inspiring, I just know you enjoy being at home surrounded by such beauty. Thanks for sharing,

  4. Your touches of color with flowers and apples are just right. Love the look of your home.


  5. love your little chippy Table.

  6. Jo - How fun to see some different angles of your home! And that photo of the green apples, I'd love to hang that one in my kitchen!

    Thanks for brightening up this girls dreary January day.


  7. I like lime green too with white. I also like a hint of blush pink or light blue probably because it reminds of an early spring morning.
    We're getting more white snow 2-4 inches tonight!

  8. Love your bits of green, Jo. (And you will never bore me with pictures of your home.) I haven't brought much green inside yet. Lavender has been my pick me up during this gloomy winter. There's some green on the stems so that counts, right? :) Bright green/apple green is so refreshing! Love those hydrangeas, too. I must have missed a to investigate. Ha!

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  9. Hi Jo... I just love your farmhouse kitchen!... mine is farmhouse too, but alot more cluttered!... your pear looks pretty and so do the apples...and your mum is just gorgeous... I too am anxious for Spring... this morning it was ONE degree here in Utah!...the old carpenters apron is fabulous!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Hi Jo,
    The little changes you make always make the biggest statements! And you sure are finding some great treasurs lately!
    Pears and apples are my favorite things to put out in pretty bowls...
    Your home is looking lovlier than ever and don't even worry....I will never tire of looking at it. :)

  11. Love the green and white together. Isn't Etsy the best, I always find great items on there!

  12. flowers and fruit are such a little pick me up, and cheap little fixes.

  13. I NEVER get tired of seeing your place! I'm always looking forward to your posts. Love the accessories in this one.

  14. As always, I love your house. But just for the record, I really love that ironstone bowl (3rd picture down, I think) that is in the plant holder with the crock. Wonderfully different shape on that bowl. If it ever needs another home, please let me know. I also love your metal counter top. I have dreamed of having metal counters. So glad to hear you got a little sun.

  15. Hi Jo,
    Everything looks great! I love all of your great finds. You do such a great job of displaying everything!!
    I hope you are having a great week!!
    Take Care,

  16. It looks so fresh and pretty! I love the little pitcher on the hook and the lumber apron hanging up is a great idea! :)

  17. You could never bore me with photos of your home, Jo!! ;-) I love your touches of green, I just posted the other day about my spring obsession with green. I am definitely going to use pears and apples and flowers to accomplish some of this. I have already seen tulips at the local grocers 2 bundles for around $6!

  18. I'm not a long time reader, but I really enjoyed the photos! Love, love, love the zinc! It's all very pretty ~

  19. Jo, you are not boring me! I like how you used the pears for color and reminds me it's time to take out my pear scented candle. Love that smell! Julie

  20. Hi Jo,

    what wonderful green decorated spots in your home. And I really love your kitchen desk, it looks like it is telling you a lot of stories of his 'life' so far.

    Have a nice weekend and may the sun come out again where your are.
    The last days we had awsome warm temperatures and a lot of sun. Normally winter shares us a lot of snow but this time, it looks like winter is anywhere else not here.

    nice regards from Betty, Vienna, Austria

    P.S.: Once more I hope, my english is right;-)

  21. Your little point and shoot camera takes lovely pics - but I suspect it might be your doing, not the camera's. xx

  22. Oh my dear Jo your home boring ever !! is so so so beautiful decorated...i can look ours and ours on your lovely blog !!...happy weekend....warm hugs from me....Ria...

  23. I don't think you can bore anybody with your pictures. they are so beautiful with this green here and there...We are all longing for spring I think...

  24. I plan to buy some tulips this weekend. I think they'll lift my weary winter soul.

    Love your kitchen table, by the way.

  25. I love seeing photos of your home--definately inspiring and NOT boring.

    I love the green in the fruit, a great idea for perking up a dreary day. Funny how a bowl of fruit can do that!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  26. I have a fancy wancy camera and my pictures don't turn out half as good as yours! As the lady at the camera store said when I asked for advice, it's not my camera, it's my technique (or lack thereof...).

  27. It all looks lovely Jo. I love that huge basket under the table!

  28. Jo, I like the subtle pop of the color green in your vignettes. I love your neutrals and the addition of the work apron. I just may be pulling mine out and popping some tools into the pockets...

  29. THIS was the punch in the arm I so severly needed today.(whining with you, snow snow snow, ugh) I love your green!!! You have brightened up your place and so easily and still maintaining that beautiful creaminess....The green just enhances it so! Gorgeous JO!

  30. Jo!. . . and there it is! I love your island! Crazy delicious piece! Please, please, please tell us about the galvanized top. I am planning a piece that I would like to have a galvanized top on it. I am not sure where to find the sheet of metal. Any suggestions? Actually, the island would really work good in the same room ;-) Thanks!

  31. Your home looks so bright and fresh Jo and of course we would never tire of seeing pics of your gorgeous space~ that's why we love you!!
    Happy Friday.

  32. I could never get sick of seeing your pretty home Jo. I love all the little pops of green that you put does make things seem a little bit more cheery on these dreary days. It is so gray here today too and COLD. It's 20 below...ugh.

  33. I love your kitchen island! It's gorgeous (as is the rest of the house). And I am so jealous of that vintage bottle rack!!

    I've got a huge white enamel bucket planted full of paperwhites to make my house feel a bit brighter. They're that same, bright, vibrant green.

  34. Dear Jo,

    great idea with the green really looks like a little spring in your nice kits´chen...I will never get tired of watching your home !!!I love to see others homes ...since I´m a blogger I din´t need any interiormagazines...ok. sometimes....but real homes , like yours , are much more interesting...

    Wish you and your family a great winter is back...
    All the best,

  35. Love your use of pears and apples! The green just pops out! The black phone set up on the table looks pretty cool too.
    I never tire of looking at your home Jo so, so pretty!
    Have a great day!

  36. I love the look of those crisp green apples and pears. Fruit is a perfect way to bring color to the room! Love your home, keep the pictures coming!

  37. I head to Trader Joes for some inexpensive flowers. In the Pacific Northwest we gets LOTS of gray days! My $3.99 bundle of daffodils helps!!

  38. Thanks for brightening my day with such lovely pics!

  39. I will send you some of our sunshine to brighten your day.We have had some pretty sunny days here.The green adds such a great and warm touch.It puts a smile on your face.I like the touches you add to your home.It looks really pretty. Sending you a bright day...Chickie

  40. Thanks for the little sunshine, here in Holland it is dark, cloudy and cold. Today it even snowed a little bit. I want spring, I am done with the winter.

    Have a nice weekend,

  41. I love my holiday decorating, but its such a breath of fresh air to clean house and put touches of color and spring everywhere! Love the pale mums - so sweet.
    And silly girl - I neve tire of looking at your lovely home! I could stare at your kitchen island all day long!!!


    ps- love both those gals' Etsy shoppes. You chose well on your purchases!!

  42. Love that touch of green! There is something about January that makes us want as much green around in the home as well!

  43. Nothing boring over here, Jo. I would never have guessed that you have a point and shoot camera. Your photos are always wonderful! Love the touches of green, and everytime I see that fab zinc topped island I go crazy! It's just so awesome. Thanks for coming to the party. I love it when you link up,
    big hugs,

  44. Your home is so inviting and gorgeous! Your photography is exquisite!

  45. Hi Jo!

    Never boring...always inspiring and beautiful! Not only your lovely home but your fabulous photos!!

  46. Gorgeous home and photos! I never tire of seeing your beautiful place. Keep them coming!

  47. I just found your blog and am blown away by how beautiful your style is!! Your kitchen island is gorgeous! I really love the metal top!
    I'm your newest follower and will be back to visit often. :)

  48. Your home is gorgeous and I love the sweet soft green touches through fruit and flowers. Your home says "peaceful haven" to me.

  49. I'm not bored, I'm engergized. Your home is such an inspiration to me. I love the pale setting and all the texture you have added. It's just beautiful, comfy and perfect!

  50. Jo,
    The pictures of your home are so inspiring- and your photos with your point and shoot camera are fabulous- what a testament to your artistic eye! Love the fresh fruit and flowers, it has been unseasonably warm and sunny here in Reno, we always want want we don't have though, I was looking forward to a weekend in front of the fire :) P.S. the bowl of pears on your island made me smile- I have exactly the same bowl ;)

  51. haalo mooie foto's hoor en die postzak is mooi
    gezellig bij jou
    gr sandra

  52. Jo, your home always looks so fresh and inviting. I love the color of green and white too.

  53. Hi :)
    I Love to visit Your is always so refreshing :)
    Greeen is Beatiful :)

    Do Not Miss




    Welcome :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  54. dear jo
    lovely inspired post.i love all your pictures of
    your wonderful home.
    have a nice weekend,
    hugs regina

  55. How could anyone be bored looking at these beautiful rooms! Everything is just gorgeous!Your pictures are great. I really like your blog!

  56. Listen, Dear Jo,
    I never get tired of seeing your very pretty house, so please keep posting just as you have been. It inspires me to see the simple ways that you employ in bringing color and interest into your home.
    Thanks for the chance to see it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  57. No way Jo - never boring! I love seeing what you come up with as each seasons draws to a close and you have turned your eyes to the next one. You give so many ideas and I love to see how you switch things up, often using what you have in a new, fresh way. You are a great inspiration!

  58. This is the perfect dining room in my opinion. Just lovely and inviting.

  59. Jo, love every thing about these pictures! They are lovely, and you do a wonderful job even without a super fancy camera or special equipment. I am impressed!


  60. Oh, I adore getting a sneak peek of your's lovely!!

  61. Thanks for the lovely images...

    You have such a lovely home:)

  62. So fresh and pretty, Jo! That lil bit of green really brightens things up. :)

  63. Beautiful posting as usual Jo! Hey, I saw your blog was featured at Romantic Homes, and I knew just from the photos they printed it was your home. How cool was that huh?

    My home will be featured in a magazine too, and I'm soooo excited!

  64. I hear you about the fog...I too live in the central valley....although when I go up the hill to Catheys valley...the sunshine is great =)
    Fabulous pictures and I love your etsy find
    Happy Day

  65. Absolutely charming spaces... what a joy it must be to start, or end, your day there.

  66. Jo..I just love your house,can see you and I sitting having a tea,talking about decor and me trying to get that little iron table out the door without you seeing me...what fun! x0x0

  67. Oh, my goodness, I am so, so ready for winter to be OVER! We had some sunshine and mild temperatures for a few days, but now we've fallen into a cool, foggy weather pattern. Ugh.
    You're flowers are so beautiful!! I can't wait for our daffodils and bluebells to start blooming! I'm ready for some spring color!
    Oh, and I want to see more photos of your home. Bring them on! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  68. I hope I'm doing this right! I would like to enter the "growers daughter" draw. my fave item in her shop at the moment are her vintage buttons!
    anna dueck
    340 wardrop st.
    Morden, MB
    R6M 1N4


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