Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BROWN AND WHITE LOVE... for White Wednesday

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Mr. SGC and I got a little more winter chores done out in the garden on Sunday.
It was just warm enough to make it comfortable to work outside.  I pruned few
more rose bushes and pulled a few more weeds.  It feels good every time we get a
little bit more done... working towards Spring and all the rewards for all our hard work. :)

Today, I thought I'd share with you my love of brown and white. I think the two colors are
such a perfect contrast to one another and create the most calming effect when used
together. There hasn't been enough natural sunlight all week for me to take new pictures
 to share with you guys, so I had to pull a few from my archives. The only new pictures
are the ones with the baby's breath in them (I took those about a month ago). I hope
you enjoy the pics, even if you have seen some them before. :)

I love to add a little greenery with fresh cut flowers or live plants , to make everything
feel fresh and clean.

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ing every week, Kathleen!

Thanks for stopping by today and taking the time to leave your wonderful comments!
There would be no point of doing this, if it weren't for you.

Wishing you all a fabulous week... hopefully a warm one filled with a little sunshine.

'Til next time...

~ Jo :-)


  1. Beautiful as always...!!! Xoxoxo

  2. I love your Horlicks jar....I love Horlicks! But I really like the shape of the jar and the colour of the label.

    I've been out in our garden too. It brings life into my veins just to be out there looking at the little tiny buds on the branches.


  3. Dearest Jo,
    Your brown and white matchings are gorgeous. Your little iron birdbaths (love those!) make me really long for Springtime. It is so cold and slushy rainy ice today here in IL. I wish you a lovely week!!
    xo Lara

  4. So beautiful in brown and white, Jo !
    Love that baby's breath and the birds !
    Lots of rain here, hope it's getting better soon.
    Nice week,

  5. Jo, I love the contrast of the brown with the white! Really great photos!

  6. The brown and white together is very soothing. I love all of your photos, Jo :) My favorite is the baby's breath, do you grow it yourself? Hope your weather has some sunshine soon. Happy WW.
    Becky C

  7. Gorgeous Jo! I love it all and the brown and white are stunning together. Love the platter inside the frame! Happy WW!

  8. I agree Jo...perfect compliments......I'm working on some new clothing that is old lace and brown linen pieces and brown crocheted items and I am so loving the two colors together....

    (sounds really weird that you are pulling weeds...it's 4" of snow here!)
    Anne Marie

  9. Beautiful photos Jo! I adore brown and white, so fresh and clean. The touches of outdoors are perfect! :)

  10. Beautiful as always Jo.......like what i see here.......lovely......love love love Ria....

  11. Dear Jo,

    such beautiful pictures of brown and white, love them together very much, too !!!
    The last days here it feels like spring, nice and sunny weather, but the cold weather will be back at the weekend...
    Love that little cup in brown / white very much !!!
    Have a wonderful time,
    best wishes,

  12. Sweet touches Jo and I love your creativity with the baby's breath hanging on the plate inside the frame~ fabulous!!!

  13. Hi Jo,
    Very pretty! I love brown and white together, makes for simple and sweet vignettes.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Very pretty post, Jo. I hope you are having a wonderful week. La

  15. I just love your mix of brown and white, Jo. Subtle and pretty with the white flowers. I'm jealous you got to go outside to garden a bit. We've got SLUSH and SNOW to last for weeks.
    I'll just dream of spring and look at your photos.
    Happy WW!
    - Susan

  16. Brown and white transfer is just my alltime fave! I love your fresh style,

  17. I really love how you have that sweet sprig of baby's breath tied up and hanging from the framed plate...so simple and pretty. This is a great example how brown and white go together! I love your transferware, too. Beautiful, Jo!


  18. So gorgeous Jo!! I love your little white flowers in your tea cup....so simple but so beautiful! Happy day to you ~ Tina xx

  19. Hi Jo, love brown and white together!... I especially love your brown transferware... I collect that too, but it is getting sooo hard to find... love that pitcher of yours especially!... xoxo Julie Marie

  20. Hi Jo,
    I am IN LOVE with your ironstone platter framed in the vintage gold frame!! That is so beautifully simple and lovely!
    And I'm with you, I adore brown and white transferware!
    Gorgeous photos, have a great day.

  21. I love looking at your beautiful whites and browns. I never tire of seeing such beautiful things.


  22. Ok....officially jealous over here!!!! You've been working out in your garden???? Yeah...REAL jealous!!! How wonderful it is to see fresh cut flowers in your kitchen, Jo. Such a breath of spring! Where did you get your white bird dish? I adore it!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow with your hands in the sweet earth, sweetie.... ♥

    xoxo laurie

  23. I am loving that frame around the white platter with the sprig hanging with burlap....too clever!! I love brown and white especially when mix with green! That is kind of my theme this spring.

  24. Gorgeous shots Jo, and I love the white with brown!

  25. I see we're Romantic Homes buddies ...
    can you even believe it?

    Well I can believe YOU'RE in there!

  26. How wonderful to be out in the garden...lucky you! I can't wait for warmer weather. I get all excited when it's sunny. I love your transferware Jo...the brown and white is my favorite. The plate with the baby's breath is so pretty too. I thought of buying some of that yesterday, now I wish I would have. Best wishes for a wonderful day :)

  27. Such a sweet post...love the baby's breath - so pretty!

  28. I adore brown and white! I love your post full of gorgeous eye candy from your beautiful home! What a treat!

  29. Just gorgeous Jo.
    Have a lovely week.
    Donna xx

  30. Love the plate hanging in the frame. Love the birds with the eggs...actually love it all.

  31. Dear Jo!

    Thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog, being my follower and taking part in my giwe away!!<3<3 I really appreciate all of that!!

    I love your photos!! The plate hanging in the frame, just so lovely!!

    Oh, spring is really there!! I understand. You can pull weeds in your garden!! Here, in Finland is LOT of snow and it`s snowing again!!! It`s beautiful winter, but it`s enough snow to me!;D

    I`m sorry, my English isn`t so good! I hope that you understand me:)

    I wish you beautiful wednesday and coming weekend!!!

    Big hugs, Marge

  32. Your pictures are beautiful ! You're right the white and brown colors mix together perfectly. I wish you a nice wednesday. Christine

  33. While my mother abhors brown, I just love it! I love brown clothes, old brown barns, brown flower pods of autumn, and using brown in decorating.

    Thanks for the lovely photos!!!!!

  34. Great photos...love how the white plate look in the frame...so cute!

  35. Love the photos... so pretty...


  36. After another day of snow and one more to come this week I am very jealous that you get to work outside!! Your white and brown pairings are just lovely ~ very complimentary!

    Happy WW!

  37. You are so right Jo! I love this combination! I LOVE your beautiful pictures!!!
    Isn't it great to bring in the greenery to brighten these Winter days?
    I am feeling a little envious here...my garden is under feet of snow...so I won't be getting out there very soon. But I am thrilled that you are able to get some work done...making Spring a lot easier I'm sure.
    big hug

  38. I love your combinations brown and white. My tableware also has those two colors. I wish you a nice week.

    Warm greetings,

  39. It looks beautiful Jo! I have a couple of platters I want to hang...I wish you lived closer, I'd have you over to help because I love your decorating style :-)

  40. Love the simplicity, yet elegance, of the brown and white. So peaceful to the eye. Think I will emulate in my living room.

  41. These are my two favorite colors right now. I think theyu compliment each other so well. Yours are beautiful!


  42. Gorgeous photographs! I like your style very much, thank you for sharing. Warm regards! Aleksandra

  43. Oh, I just love brown and white together! Brown, white, and blue is my absolute favorite color combo ever!!
    Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely home. :)

  44. I never realized it until you pointed it out how good brown and white go together. I agree with you the two colors together give you a calm feeling. That is really neat I'm going to get more brown and white in my house now.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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