Saturday, January 29, 2011


Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

The fog is back... has been all week... so there's been very little sunshine around here.  I
thought I would put together a post about lavender, because that always seems to brighten
 everyone's day.  I love the sweet scent it gives off when it's ever so slightly touched.  It looks
beautiful fresh from the garden or dried in a bundle like this.  This bundle came from Maria
of Dreamy Whites' online shop.  You all know that Maria's shop is OPEN now, right?... hehe...
I know you do! ;-)

This is another white ironstone pitcher that I normally have displayed on my bedroom dresser.  It
has wonderful crazing to it and just the slightest bit of browning that I love so much.  My bedroom
is a room that I want to give a little redo to before I share it with all of you.  Hopefully, this will be
something I get done by Spring... we'll see. :)

These vintage clocks are some of the "other things" I wanted to share with you.  It's a new
collection I've been wanting to start.  I found these at another Etsy shop called VintageSeventyFive.
They have really cool vintage and industrial style antiques at VintageSeventyFive and provide
awesome customer service.

I bought these vintage Bingo cards and ledger dated 1940-41 from Mary of Urban Farmgirl.  She
included this little vintage key with my purchase... so sweet!  I wrapped them with simple jute twine
and added a couple sprigs of lavender.

I know it seems like I'm the spokeswoman for Etsy or something... lol... but when I find great
shops (online or actual stores) I love to share them with my friends.  They're not easy to find, ya
know... what kind of a blogger friend would I be if I didn't share them with all of you?   So, grab a
cup of coffee or tea and have FUN shopping... even if it's only window shopping, it's still FUN! ;-)
I know it has helped me pass the time on a few occasions while it has been cold and wet outside.

Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a little cheer for me to read!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

'Til next time...

~ Jo :-)


  1. Hi Jo,

    oh, the pitcher is soo wonderfull, I love his little cracks and his patina.
    And the Clock is also a pretty piece of nostalgie.

    nice regards from Betty

  2. lovely! thx for sharing ~
    have you met Tracie @FishTail Cottage?
    i think you'd like her & her blog...
    have the BEsT day

  3. Oh how I love lavender and everything about it. It looks beautiful in your white pitcher.

  4. Thanks for sharing the etsy shops, it's nice to get recommendations. 3 things I love too, lavendar, ironstone, old clocks!!

  5. I agree, there's nothing like the look and smell of lavender. The bunch looks great in that wonderful ironstone pitcher...yummy!

    I'm off to check out the Etsy shops...boy, can I get myself in trouble shopping Etsy, but so much fun!

    Have a great weekend,

  6. Hello dear Jo,
    What a wonderful sites do you give us, she has a beautiful blog also.

    Have a great weekend, the sun is shinning ☼
    Hugs from Holland

  7. I like the lavander.. I think that it is a flower so .. elegant!

  8. What a beautiful lavender post, Jo !
    I also love the scent of lavender, it's one of my favorites.
    And that vintage clock is gorgeous !
    Nice weekend,

  9. I remember when I got my first Big Ben! It was cool (and now so retro) because it was bright orange! I love your old clock~it looks great with your whites.

  10. I've always loved vintage clocks. Yours are so nice :-) I'll bet that lavender smells heavenly!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Hi Jo, so beautiful!... I grow and dry lavender too, but I have awful allergies so I cannot have it myself, but my family loves my gifts to them!... thanks for sharing the Etsy shops, it's always fun finding new places to look... your posts are always so inspiring, especially because I love cottage gardens and a farmhouse and country lifestyle... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. What is it about crazed white pitchers and shabby little vintage alarm clocks that call to us, Jo? lol! Love your new finds! Oh, and don't EVEN get me started on Etsy shops, girl! THAT is dangerous territory for me. lol! Once I fall into Etsy World, I never want to leave..... hehehe! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, friend! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  13. Hello Jo......nice of you to prmote on line shops !!...wishing you a happy weekend darling.....!!and if you want you may promote our shop too......i reaaly like that if you want !!!...lovely weekend love love love

  14. One can never have too much lavender! I love shopping from the comfort of my own sofa, so I love Etsy too.

  15. I love the Baby Ben! I grew up with them, but they were not so fancy as that one. Does it work?

    Lavender is one of my favorite things. I keep a little lavender sachet on my pillow and it soothes me right to sleep.

  16. Oh, how I wish I could grow Lavender here in the Valley! I bought a bunch at Christmas at a farmer's market in the hinterland (about 30kms from here) and used it to decorate my Christmas wreath. Not sure whether it was the variety I purchased but it totally lost its colour after a week or so. Is that what usually happens with lavender? I love Etsy and really appreciate your recommendations Jo. (Thank you also for the lovely comment you left me this morning about my vintage kitchen pieces - they have a special place in my heart.) :)Sharyne

  17. Thanks for the links to the Etsy shops...I am always on the hunt for new ones and have to admit that browsing them has taken up a bit of my computer time! ;-D If I find a great shop, I always pass it on! I love your sweet pitcher and the lavender looks so pretty in it. I like what you did with the ledger, bingo card and key...they all look cute together. And your clock is just terrific. Now the weather shouldn't be bothering you!! :-)


  18. I do DEARLY love lavender. I spray it on my bed linens for "tranquil sleep." Love your pretties and the link to new Etsy shops. It doesn't take much of a nudge to send me drooling over to check out Etsy!

  19. Hello Jo,
    Oh, I can almost smell that lavender now...and the ironstone pitcher is perfect for it. LOVE your clocks, too. I'm always happy visiting your blog!
    - Susan

  20. Evening my sweet glad to find a new post from your clocks..I just finished re-doing my kitchen shelves(I know I am nuts)but anyway one of things I left on them was my clocks....still no doors...could have built a house by now!!!! Talk soon,x0

  21. HI Jo! I love's my favorite! I have 2 lbs on it's way to me now for some new sachets I'm working on. Can't wait for that box to arrive!
    Etsy is my drug of choice...very addictive! I love scrolling through all the great shops!
    Have a great Saturday night!
    Tammy :-)

  22. Hi Jo!

    Thanks for the mention, so sweet of you! I just stumbled on Vintage75 this morning...*love* their shop! So many great things I would love to have!

    Your photos are gorgeous! Have a great weekend, friend! ;o)


  23. I am so missing my lavender and can almost smell the stems in your pitcher from here.
    I think it's nice that bloggers share resources, we're all friends that appreciate being pointed in a good direction.

  24. Lavender, Ironstone and vintage clocks ... what's not to love?! Gorgeous photos!

    Have a wonderful weekend!`

  25. I could look at posts about lavender all day long, Jo! You're still going halves with me on that drying rack in Maria's shop right? lol (Couldn't even afford half.) Did you see the lavender laundry set she just added. That's on my list.

    And, I love that you share your Etsy finds. I LOVE Etsy and appreciate it when I'm introduced to a new shop. Have a great week my sweet friend!


  26. This lavender bundle is perfect, so fresh and I can smell it through the screen :) And that pitcher does have a nice coloring. It's also great when you share about the ETSY shops you've bought from, I always check them out. You've gotten some really great treasures lately, Jo. And your photos are always beautiful!
    Can't wait to see your giveaway next week...
    Becky C

  27. Nothing wrong with being an "Etsy Spokesperson"...I love Etsy. It has gotten to the point that I buy most of my gift on Etsy...I LOVE it. Great stuff...and I am going to check out Vintage Seventy Five. I Love Urban Farm Girl and The Growers Daughter!! Hope you have had a great weekend so far!!

  28. Hi there Jo, thank you so much for the great mention and post - so glad to see these clock beauties once again... They are a perfect match!

    Kindly, Ray

  29. All these shops have beautiful items. It's too bad the shipping cost to France is too expensive...I love your vintage clock.

  30. HI Jo! I love's my favorite! It looks lovely with your white pitcher.

    Restaurant online ordering systems

  31. Hi Jo, Beautiful clocks, whites and lavender!
    Have a great Sunday!
    ~ Julie

  32. Lovely photos, Lavender have a beautiful colour also.
    Now I will take a peak in the shops you menchend
    Have a nice week

  33. LOVE your new goodies!! Beautiful pics Jo!!;) Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  34. Etsy.There is such a wide range of very neat sites.I like that you share some of the ones you have seen and enjoy.Your lavender is beautiful you can do many things with add that little extra sweetness to a room.Enjoy your afternoon..Chickie

  35. Love Etsy and I think it is great to share pretty finds!

    Great photos and I can smell the lavendar from here!

  36. Pretty lavender! In summer I get a huge homegrown harvest from all my french lavender plants.. I'm soo glad we planted them.. something to look forward to each June here! Cute bingo cards!

  37. Hi Jo,
    Oh, this blog is so beautiful! And I love the lavender and the bingo card...gorgeous!!!

  38. Your lavender in the white pitcher is so beautiful...I can almost smell the lovely scent. The clocks are wonderful. I can remember having a cream color Big Ben.
    I also want to thank you, dear friend for the kind email about my kitty. I deeply appreciate your sweet kindness. XO

  39. Dear Jo,

    oh, I love your vintage clocks...I collect them , too...but I´m not allowed to put them on in the sleeping-room ( where they belong to ) , because my husband couldn`t hear the ticking of the clocks...Do yours still work ?
    Lavebder reminds me of summer, but today here are - 10°C....far away from summer or spring...

    Have a great week,
    best wishes to you,

  40. I just started collecting clocks. I got some last summer and now I want more!
    I love all the links!

  41. Dear Jo,

    I love to see your beautiful photos!! Lavender make me allways smile;)
    I think, it`s great that you share shop adresses with us:) The clock looks great!!
    Here in Finland is lot of snow, so lot!! I love winter, too, but now I star to wait spring. You konw, I love the moment when winter is moving spring, oh it`s wonderful time!:)

    I wsish you lot of sunny days with warmy hugs, my dear blogfriend!:)

    Ps. I`m sorry my bad English!!

  42. ..And I`m sorry my misspellings, too...arghh...;)

  43. Thank you for your sweet comment, Marge! There is absolutely no need to apologize for anything! It's so thoughtful of you to write your message in English for me, and I appreciate it SOOO much!!! ♥
    Hugs to you dear blog friend!
    ~ Jo

  44. I love my collection of Baby Ben and Big Ben clocks, they look great anywhere!! And yours look perfect!

  45. Hi Jo! I love the lavendar in the white pitcher! How pretty!
    And I love Big Ben clocks! I have an old one next to the bed, and I went to wind it one night, and something happened to it! I'm not sure exactly what happened, but my husband was able to fix it! I'm so glad that he did, cause I don't know how I would have slept without it's rythmic ticking.
    Hope you have a great day!

  46. Hi Jo! Your post is very bright and cheery today. I love lavender too, escpecially when in a white ironstone pitcher.
    Great pics, with a great post!

  47. Those Big Bens sure bring back memories for me. Lavender scent makes me sneeze, the gentle blooms... oh so pretty, especially in the pitcher.

    Lovely day to you!

  48. LOVE that clock!!! ANd I am a sucker for crazing, but I love the brownish stain on that pitcher, ahhh. And lavender too? You are just killing me JO!

  49. I'm your newest follower. Thanks for the chance to win. What a lovely package.

  50. It all looks sooo pretty! I love that pitcher...ironstone is one of my favorites and all the crazing makes it even better. Love the clock too :)

  51. It's so nice to find you! And I really appreciate you passing along your fun finds from etsy. I love old ephemera and vintage items. I too have a clock collection and plan to use one for a piece of altered art. I just can't decide at this moment because I enjoy having them all together. It's just such a neat collection to look at. And nothing beats lavender. There used to be a store here that sold it, but I haven't found any in a long time. Your little touches here and there are fabulous. Be back soon and pay me a visit if you like! xoxo Rhonda...

  52. i really like the big ben(lol), great clock!

  53. It's been really foggy over here too. It really kills your mood. Hang in there the sun will come out again. Where do you find all these beautiful vintage clocks.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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