Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hello friends!  I hope you're all doing well!

As promised, I wanted to share with you some of the things I purchased from another one
of my new sponsors...

Most of you probably know Mary from her beautiful blog, Urban Farmgirl, where she
shares with us her passion for painting vintage and antique pieces of furniture white (which she
sells at shows throughout the year), her amazing DIY projects, and her vintage pickin' adventures.
It's always a fun read filled with beautiful photography.  Mary recently reopened her Etsy shop as
well, and of course I had to take a look.  It wasn't hard for me to find some things I fell in love with
and just had to have!

This creamer pitcher and sugar bowl set was one of them. 

I didn't have enough room to display the set together, so I displayed the sugar bowl on my kitchen
cabinet shelves along with some of my other vintage white ironstone pieces.

I thought these vintage black and cream game pieces were fabulous! I LUV the fleur de lis on the
back and the patina of the type face letters.

While browsing through the many beautiful vintage pieces for sale in Mary's shop, you'll also get to
enjoy her amazing photography.  Here are some of what you can find at Urban Farmgirl...

Yes, ladies... there are still more of these fabulous vintage game pieces left. :)

**Besides the fact that Mary is more than professional when handling your order, she is also an
absolute sweetheart to boot!  Please join me in welcoming her to my blog, and if you're planning
on doing a little shopping, you should definitely head on over to Urban Farmgirl to check out ALL
of the beautiful pieces she has to offer.  Mary wanted me to let all of you know that she will be
adding new products to her shop tomorrow morning, so make sure to check back tomorrow evening
to see what's new!**

over at Common Ground.  Thanks for hosting every week ladies!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit and taking the time to leave your sweet comments. 
I hope the rest of the week is a good one for all of you!

'Til next time...

~ Jo :-)


  1. Isn't Mary the two are the perfect pair!
    Love your new additions to the hutch ~

  2. I need those vintage game pieces ASAP!! hahaha...I love everything Jo! Xoxoxo

  3. Ok, I will check out her shop for sure! I have been wanting some vintage keys, and hers look amazing! I love your treasures that you purchased from her, especially the fleur de lis game pieces:)

  4. OMG, such treasures...I have ALWAYS had a passion of old Keys. You can say they open my heart!
    Thank you so much for sharing,
    Hugs, Donna

  5. Your post was like eye-candy, Jo. Every photo just drew me in. So beautiful. I love the game pieces. But then I love anything with letters. Thanks for sharing and for featuring such inspiration. Happy White Wednesday.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  6. Love this post. So much eye candy. I love the ironstone and the keys especially. Thanks for sharing. ~~Sherry~~

  7. I love Mary's blog and I have to check out her shop tomorrow morning. She doesn't live all too far from me and I have been meaning to go to her booth at a local county fair that is monthly. I'd love to see her furniture!

    I love all of your pieces, especially the ironstone...I have a little bit, too!

    Thanks so much!


  8. I've never looked at Mary's looks like I've been missing out. Those game pieces sure are cute and that cream and sugar set sure is a nice addition to your pretty kitchen :)

  9. Hi there, love all those beautiful pieces!... I am off to her shop right now... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Hola Jojeana, just to let you know that I have visit your blog many times, enjoyed so much your charming decor and all details at your home, but haven´t left comments... be sure I have seen all your wonderful posts!!!

  11. Hi Jo,

    I love Mary's shop. I actually just got an order through the mail that I made from her. I bought a tile necklace and a beautiful old blue bottle. Love them both. Wore the necklace to church tonight and loved it.

    Very nice of you to give her such a great shout out!

  12. You bought some great pieces! She certainly has a lot of beautiful things in her shop. I'll look forward to seeing what she adds to it tomorrow. :)

  13. Hi Jo! I'm a BIG Mary Fan! I love her blog and Etsy shop. Yesterday my package from Mary's shop arrived...I bought the black and white numbered tiles...they are SO GREAT! Sometimes I just hop over to her Etsy shop to see her awesome photography!
    Tammy :-)

  14. What a great post Jo! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi Jo~ What beautiful beautiful images!You found so many beautiful things from her shop too~ I love it- I am heading over to her blog! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  16. I love Mary's Blog. I'll have to check out here Etsy shop. She has a wonderful style.

  17. Hey you! What have you been up to? Love your new little set. The fog getting to you yet? Have a great week.
    Hugs~ Amanda

  18. Thank you very much for the tip on her shop. Etsyers thats sends abroad is very much appreciated.
    Have a wonderful day.

  19. Love those vintage pieces...
    And you bought some pretty stuff yourself:)

  20. Dear Jo,

    ohhh,I know her blog and her`s on my list since along all the things she`s got...
    Hope you are fine ...I dont know what to post this week...

    Have a great time,
    best wishes,

  21. Dear Jo,

    so many wonderfull treasures. I love the gameletters, so great and so many possibilities to use them.

    And thx for the linktip to urban farmgirl;-)

    yours sincerely

  22. Just so beautiful Jo! I will definitely be checking out Mary's store (particularly if she posts overseas.) Can't wait to see her photography. Thanks for sharing. ;)Sharyne

  23. Hello Jo ...what kind of you to do this for her.....what a lovely shop !!! nice things !!! may always promote our shop too if you want !!! than i will be famous in the states !!!! o my dear !!! that sounds good!!...hahahahhah!! happy love love

  24. Everything is beautiful. I'm going to visit her little shop...

  25. I'm going to check out Mary's shop. Thanks, Jo!
    - Susan

  26. LOVE all the things......but specially the Letters :)
    Hugs från Håkan ( The Roseman)

  27. I see alot of fun finds there in your sweet house..Great eye.When I was living in Il I lived a couple of hrs from Kane County flea .I seen Mary's booth there.Beautiful set-up .A flea market well worth going to.I will miss that.Yet I know that I can go back whenever.Thank god for my friends and family there.I hope you are having a fun day today...Chickie

  28. Hi Jo!

    Love all the treasures you got from Mary ~ her shop is wonderful!!

  29. Wow, what beauties you found! I think I'm going shopping!

  30. Hi Jo,
    What lovely goods, that beauty school case is so sweet!

    Wanted to thank you for putting my giveaway on your sidebar and your kind words on my blog, you're the bestest sweets!! I've marked you down twice ;)

    Great weekend to you too that's coming up soon!

  31. Hi "Jo"
    I have some of those game pieces that were made into a charm that hangs from a necklace. I bought them from Lisa Sours from farm chicks.

    I love the comments ones give us when we or my daughter and her friends get when they wear them.
    I gifted 8 of them to her girlfriends for Christmas gifts, they were a hit.
    So you did good picking these little treasures up!!

    Love the white pottery/china I too could not resist a purchase like this as well.
    I am sure it looks beautiful in my favorite kitchen (yours) my dear.

    Inspire all the beauty you want, you do it all so well.

  32. Hi Jo,
    Your blog is gorgeous--and what beautiful finds! I have a new online magazine called Whimsical Musings magazine and I wonder if you'd like to be featured...Just let me know!
    I'm at:

  33. I have never been to this blog before, thanks for the heads up, I shall go and take a look. I adore what you got from her, nothing prettier than white ironstone! And those game pieces!!! TDF!
    Hugs, Cindy

  34. I love visiting your blog. I used to live in Linden, CA and though I do not miss the fog I do miss the long growing season and how my roses flourished there. I now live in the mountains about an hour and a half east, the beauty of living here is NO fog in the winter. When you guys are socked in we are enjoying lovely sunshine and mild temps. I will have to go visit Ms Mary's shop and blog. Thanks!

  35. I am really liking the cream pitcher and the stack of bowls. Enjoy your new goodies!

  36. Such lovely things and you have them displayed so beautifully.I look forward to checking out her shop.

  37. Love what you bought Jo!!! Mary has some wonderful things in her shop!!

    Have a great weekend!


    :) T

  38. Jo, I luv(wink, wink)your finds(buys)!!!

  39. Your blog is so beautiful and inspirational, I'm pleased I've found it.

  40. I'm just crazy about these game pieces. LOVE THEM!! And she really has some wonderful things in her shop! Thanks for linking up with VIF!
    big hugs,

  41. Congrats on your RH feature!


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  42. Every thing is Beautiful. What wonderful Treasures.

  43. tha game pieces are really cool i could scrap with that!

  44. I actually thought the vintage game pieces were at first chocolate. I love how you create art from old board game pieces.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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