Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hello everyone!  Spring weather is here, even if the official start of Spring isn't.  I just love this time
of year, when things are fresh and new in the garden again.  I get downright giddy about it!  The sun
has been shining since Monday, and I've been wearing my flip-flops all week... that's right people...
flip-flops. :D 

Here are just a few Spring-time images from our garden.  The blossoms above and below are from
one of our fruitless pear trees.  The buzzing sound of the bees emanating from the tree while they are
busy at work is amazing.

This viburnum hedge lines our driveway.  We will eventually have this hedge surrounding the entire
front garden.  We just planted a new hedge along the east side of our garden last Spring, and we plan
on planting the last part of the hedge across the front of the garden very soon.

Blossoms from our plum tree, which variety I can't remember at the moment.  Hopefully, we will get
enough fruit off of it to enjoy this year.

Crape myrtle shoots starting to branch out.  This bush won't bloom until Summer.

Rosemary with alyssum growing in the background.  Alyssum is self-sowing and pops up all over the
garden every year.

The roses are starting to grow new shoots on them.  They were in full bloom around the end of
April/beginning of May last Spring... so not too much longer to wait.

I'm linking this post up to Cottage Flora Thursday over at Fishtail Cottage.  Head on over there
for lots of beautiful garden inspiration.

My youngest daughter has her 10th birthday coming up next week, and  I'm planning a garden
themed birthday party for her on the following Saturday.  I was inspired by some vintage plates I
found when antiquing at some of the local antique shops a couple of weeks ago.  If all turns out well,
I'll share some pictures of the decorations with you.

A couple of weeks ago, I was one of the lucky winners of a contest over at Urban Farmgirl for
guessing the right sex of Mary's new niece that was soon to be born.  I won the drawing for the $40
Target gift card.  I just received the card this week with a sweet card from Mary.  Thank you so
much, Mary!  The card sure came in handy for some of my daughter's birthday party supplies. :-) 

Happy almost Spring everyone!

'Til next time...

~ Jo :-)


  1. Mmmm, just LOVELY!!!!
    Thanks for your fantastic inspiration ,)
    Still snowing in winter wonderland ...
    Hug Anki

  2. Beautiful pictures, congrats on your win and I hope all goes just as you wish for the party. But WOW - I can't believe it - flip-flops? I long for my flip-flops, but isn't happening here yet.

  3. The pics look beautiful.I bet it is that much better in person.What beauty you get to see everyday. Dont you just enjoy it.The weather here has been gorgeous too.It beats living back in Il.It is nice when you get to see pics of the outside of peoples home.You have a beautiful day.Thanks for sharing your pics...Chickie

  4. What a beautiful spring post Jo !! ...i love it very much !! ...nice doing a garden party !! i hope the weather is beautiful......have a nice love

  5. I had to go back and see where you live, seeing that you're wearing flip-flops! Lucky lady, you have many beautiful eye-grabbers in your garden. Wish your daughter a happy birthday! How serendipitous to win a Target gift card at the perfect time!

  6. Jo your gardens are just beautiful, now please send some of that wonderful weather my way. I was wondering, what type of hedge is that, it looks like spirea and do you keep it clipped tight? I am looking for inspiration to help with a new garden I am planning in the back yard. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Your photos were a breath of fresh air for me, as we will not have spring blooms for quite a long time, since I live in MT. The garden party sounds wonderful, and i look forward to seeing photos of the big day!

  8. hi jo,
    wonderful post......pretty spring pics from your garden.a wonderful idea...a spring party.
    have a nice time,
    love regina

  9. Lovely photos--but I'm jealous! Yesterday it was cold and rainy, and even snowed a bit. Today is sunny and a bit warmer, but there are no green shoots, no buds about to open--just brown and mud.

    Enjoy your lovely garden!

  10. Beautiful as always! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your plants and flowers this Spring. I'm also loving our California weather right now :)

  11. Lovely pictures.It will be a few weeks before we see anything like that here! We have at least had a peek of the sun but its still pretty cold.

  12. Dear Jo,

    what a wonderful post..!!! For me it looks like summer, not only your rosmary and the blue, blue sky !!!
    Here it`s alittle bit spring the temperatures are still low, but I put some floers in div. pots to bring them in the house in the evening , because of the frost...But I couldn`t wait have school holiday and days pass by sooo fast...

    Have a great spring weekend ( when is the birthday? If we didn´t here before, all the best to your daughter !!,

  13. is so nice to see blooming plants and trees! And to hear you are wearing flip flops!! Yay! Next you will have the suntan lotion out! lol!!

    Congratulations on your win and I hope all goes as planned with your daughter's party!


  14. Would love to have you link up a garden posts (old & new) to today’s Cottage Flora Thursday’s!!!! Hope your seeing a bit of spring in your life….Hugs!

  15. Oh my, look at all those beautiful I long for some greenery and flowers. You are so blessed to live somewhere nice and warm Jo. I can't wait to get my flip-flops out.

    Happy birthday to your daughter. I would love to see some peeks of the party decor :)

  16. Cannot wait to see the "after" of your daughter's garden party/birthday!

    I'm so jealous of the few weeks that you are ahead of us for plants, flowers and gardens! I'm just starting to see little bits of the spring awakening! I can hardly wait to see my apples, pears, cherries, nectarines and peaches in bloom!


  17. So beautiful...We have to wait about 3 months for visions like that:)But how wonderful that will finally be.Enjoy and have a lovely b-day party:)

  18. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    so cute!
    lovely photos!
    take care,

  19. I can imagine how happy you feel with your coming spring... lovely images!!!

  20. I love Spring as well Jo and the anticipation of seeing everything come to life again. With all the rain we have been having I haven't had much opportunity to get out into the garden and am suffering HUGE withdrawals. I laughed at your "flip flops" - we call them "thongs" and mine have grown mould on them! Off now to place my votes. Good luck! ;)Sharyne

  21. I love the blogosphere - you're walking around in flip flops and we're expecting snow tonight!! LOLOL

  22. Gorgeous photos!!

    Yes I will pop over there right now and vote for you! How exciting for you!!!

    Pamela xo

  23. Okay...done! I put you at 10votes!!
    Good luck Jo!

  24. What a lovely Spring post, Jo, beautiful pictures !
    Happy Birthday to your daughter !
    I wish you a lot of succes with the votes, you deserve it.

  25. Hello again, Jo, I just put a vote for you :-)

  26. Sounds like a wonderful idea for a party! Love your pics! I don't think my crepe myrtles are that far along. Have to go look now!

  27. O.k Jo...we still have 6 inches of snow on the ground....not fair!!! Do love your photos though,and will check out the contest and give you my vote...have a great weekend! x0x

  28. Wonderful photographs, spring is coming! Thanks for sharing!


  29. I think we are all very ready to welcome spring!
    Your photos are beautiful. We are so very fortunate to be having such gorgeous weather.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely blooms.

  30. Congrats on your nomination and giveaway win, Jo! Lucky you! I am so envious that you are experiencing spring! We still have snow on the ground here! Heavy sigh! Love all of your blooms, especially that gorgeous lavender. Enjoy!

  31. how lovely! I can smell those sweet blossoms all the way over here :)

    how nice you are in flip flops...I LOVE flip flops!!!
    Anne Marie

  32. Hi Jo! Oh, your springy photos made my heart skip a beat! Such a beautiful yard, girlie! :) Those verbena bushes are amazing!!! I can hardly wait to see everything in full bloom! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! I'm headed over to vote for you, sweets! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  33. I'm just waiting for your weather. Just took Guinness out only to find more snow and it's sticking.

  34. Wow, I cannot wait for things to start blooming out like this on the east coast. ~~Sherry~~

  35. Thank you for those breathtaking pics! The weather here is slushy and rainy, just grey and blah, so your images are the perfect pick-me-up!

  36. Beautiful pictures Jo ! Spring is my favorite season too...I've just voted for you...

  37. Flip Flops...I am so jealous! Can't wait them here yet...but maybe I can shop for them!!

    Off I go to vote...

  38. I've got gardening on the brain too Jo. The weather has just been perfect. Love all the beauty around your home :-)

  39. I'm taking a break from school stuff & I am of course scoping out my favorite blogs for updates. :) Your grounds are blooming so lovely! I am a little jealous, we don't get blooms here in the Chicago area until April.. then the first couple weeks in May the trees flower.. so I'm waiting! My favorite of yours? Your beautiful verbena hedging! It is beautiful! Really, it looks like something you'd see in Nantucket Island photographs. I am glad my recommendation was helpful to you! Have a really nice weekend!

  40. Jo, I am in awe of you being in flip-flops already, girl! OMGoodness- I woke up to snow yesterday morning. Our son said it has even been nice up in Mariposa. Your flowering trees look so pretty and I hope to see more of your yard once it's in full bloom. ~ Sue

  41. Beautiful pictures! In Australia we call flip flops thongs. haha

  42. Beautiful photos. I can not wait to see your garden evolve this spring and summer. Wow. And I am off to vote!!!

  43. Hi Jo,

    So glad that you are now wearing your flip flops around your garden.
    Here in NZ we call them jandals.
    Your spring flowers around the garden are delightful and doesn't it put a spring in your step.
    Off now to go and vote for you, bonne chance.

    Happy Sunday

  44. Of course I will vote for you. Love your spring item. The weather is better at your place than in Holland. (clouded no sun today).

    Have a nice week!

    Warm greetings,

  45. Hi Jo! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your pictures of all your buds and blossoms are absolutely gorgeous! We've got some bulbs in bloom here, but no blossoms yet! I just can't wait for all the trees to be in bloom! Blossoms are my favourite! Sigh! I love this time of year! Enjoy your flip flops! xo

  46. i was #32! you are definitely on your way to the top; a top that is well deserved because of all the absolutely beautiful things that are here.

    i've been trying to stay away from the computer for i have much to catch up on here!

    good luck with your lovely garden and whoever else comments next



  47. Dear Jo,

    I leave my goodbye to you in this post beacause of your newest comment box is full.
    I`m so sorry hearing you leave the blogworld! I understand you! I have thought same, too. But I will misss you my new blogfriend!! I love your photos and you seem so friendly woman <3
    Maybe you come back someday?:)
    But I wish you happy and joyful life!!!!<3 Take care yourself and thank you were being my blogfriend!!
    Many, many hugs to You!!!!!<3<3

  48. Dear Jo,
    I just wanted to say that I'll miss you and your beautiful posts, but I can understand !
    I wish you all the best !
    Big hugs,

  49. Hello:)
    I have just started fo follow you blog,and now your gone:(Take care...
    hugs hugs from elinAnita

  50. There's nothing like the sounds of nature. The birds chirping and the bees buzzing. I could listen to the beauty of nature all day long.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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