Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for all of your lovely comments
and welcome to my new followers.  I'm still trying to get used to this new way of blogging.  Since I
won't be able to answer all of your questions individually, I'll try to address them in my posts.  I had a
special request to post pictures of our garden, which I plan on doing from Spring through Fall from
time to time.  I'm showing mostly close-up shots, because there are only a few things blooming in our
garden right now.  As more things start to bloom, I'll show more full view shots.

Above and below are pictures of the Dogwood tree that's blooming in our back garden right now.   

The stamens are absolutely magnificent on a Dogwood blossom.   These trees are very slow-growing,
which is what I wanted, because it's fairly near our septic tank.  There's lavender and alyssum
blooming in the background.

All of the lavender is in full bloom right now.  You can see the various stages of size of the
lavender plants in our garden... some that we planted a few years ago, some last year, and some
this year.  If you're new to my blog, we have about a 2 acre garden that we're gradually filling
with plants.  We still have a lot of bare spaces to fill, as you can see in the picture below.  All of
the areas of orange on the dirt was where moss was growing during the winter.  It was such a
wet rain season this winter that nearly our entire front garden was blanketed with moss... not quite
the look I'm going for. ;-)  The geraniums are still trying to wake up from their winter nap, and
the crape myrtle trees are just starting to leaf out.

This is our view from the front garden with the Sierra Nevada Mountain range off in the distance.

Below are some Potato Vine blossoms.  I don't especially like yellow flowers in my garden, but I like
to add a touch of yellow with the stamens of the flowers I grow in my garden.  We have this vine
growing in various places throughout our garden... on our front porch railing, some of our picket
fences, and up a couple of orange trees that are performing poorly in the back garden.  Potato Vines
grow very quickly and vigorously and bloom profusely in the Spring time.

Below, Pink Jasmine Vine and lavender.

More Pink Jasmine Vine growing on a picket fence with a fruitless pear tree growing in the
background.  This is another vine that grows very quickly and vigorously, and the blossoms smell like
bubble gum or cotton candy... a very sweet, yummy smell.  In fact, I love the scent so much that I
grow them in my garden despite the severe allergy I have to them.  I just can't resist them! :-)

The next few pictures are of the Fuji Apple Tree we have growing in our back garden that were taken
a couple of weeks ago. 

There were bees swarming all around me while I was taking these pictures.  I don't think they even
noticed I was there... too busy gathering nectar. :-)

The rest of the pictures below are of the same apple tree taken just one week after the ones above.
The tree is in full bloom right now.  It's one of my favorite trees in the garden. 

A lot of you have been wondering if I've been enjoying my time away from blogging, and the answer
is most definitely yes.  I've been able to spend much more time in the garden and with my family, and
the chores around the house aren't piling up anymore.  It has really taken a lot of the stress out of
blogging for me, and I appreciate those of you who have decided to stick around. 

Happy new week everyone!!

'Til next time...

~ Jo :-)


  1. Beautiful garden! It's so nice to watch that all the flowers and trees are waking up after winter.

  2. Your photographs are stunning...that first one so love it!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh so pretty!!!
    I wish I was there!!
    It's starting here, little by little.........

  4. Hi Jo, I hope this finds you doing good. I must say, your gardens are fan-tabulous! I have always admired dogwood blossoms; they stand out so pretty from both close and far off. It's so weird (but nice!) to see your photos because where I live there is not one blooming thing yet.. usually the first-second week in May things get into full swing around here. I liked seeing the bee! ;)

  5. Just beautiful, I so love the dogwoods!

  6. Awesome Pam!!! your garden is an inspiration to me.

  7. Jo - so happy that you have found a good balance for yourself with blogging! i love peeking at your posts & the dogwood is absolutely a beautiful tree in your garden. I moved my dogwoods to a new location as they've been in the garden for four years and never bloomed...a litte research told me that they are an understory tree and that they need to be in that sort of environment.....but looking at yours - it's out in the open, blooming & beautiful! Guess when it comes to gardening - it either works or it doesn't - lol & definatley in your's working! oxox, Tracie

  8. Your yard is beautiful Jo! And finding that balance is a wonderful thing, so glad you did!

    Kat :)

  9. Sooooo beautiful!
    I have a brown thumb, so I am jealous. :-)


  10. You have a beautiful garden, thank you for posting such superb pictures. Love your dogwood and lavender.

  11. What a great garden you have Jo !!...i am a little bit jealous......sorry i have only two terraces......o my......have a noice week love

  12. Your property is just gorgeous and I love your iron patio set. Great pics Jo!!

  13. W,W,LA PRIMAVERA,belle foto,ciao Simona!!

  14. Jo, your lavendar is absolutely beautiful! Love the dogwood tree blossoms too!

  15. Your garden is looking beautiful Jo. Not that we actually have seasons here - but I guess you could say we are entering Autumn and everything is starting to become a bit dormant. All my new blooms won't start appearing now till September. In the meantime - I will look at yours for inspiration! Have a wonderful week. ;)Sharyne

  16. So pretty can we believe spring is here? I have blubells I hold my breathe for what else will come back into bloom

  17. I love the beautiful apple tree in blossom - so very pretty - years ago a had a perfume called Apple-Blossom it was light and sweet just like the smell of Apple blossoms - alas it is now deleted from stock aahg!!
    Have a lovely week.

  18. Ah, springtime in California! Gorgeous! Here in Maine where I live now, we got 8 inches of snow on April 1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. It's helping to keep me going until things start to bloom here.

  19. Your gardens are beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing them here! I can almost smell those apples blossoms. We still have snow here in Wisconsin! UGH!!!Diana

  20. So glad you are doing the things you love Jo! Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with's a reflection of it's owner:)

  21. Gorgeous yard, I want a dogwood so bad, don't know if it would survive in Texas.

  22. Hi Jo,
    I'm also glad that you are still around.
    Your photos today are gorgeous!!! You are quite the gardener, and you have the right climate for it apparently. How nice to have so much happening in your garden.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  23. So pretty Jo!;) Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  24. Never apologize for having a life Jo. Soooo glad this is working for you! It's working for us too. :) xo


  25. Hello lovely friend! You have such a remarkable view, I really just cannot imagine taking in all that beauty day after day. Your gardens are looking so nice. Gosh, you have quite a lot of flowers blooming already. I love the apple tree too...I have one in my front yard and it's just gorgeous when it blooms, that won't be happening for a long time though!


  26. Hi Jo,

    Your garden and view is gorgeous and happy to see your photographs today.
    The bees will be very happy buzzing around with all the pretty flowers.

    Happy week

  27. Dear Jo,

    thanks for your visit on my blog !!!
    I really know it is worth a lotm, because you don`t spent so much time online ♥!!!!!!!!

    Ohhh, your garden is a PARADISE !!!! All that blossom everywhere, love it very much, especilally lavender and all the white blossom !!! And your view to the Sierra nevada is just like in a movie ( for me...).We will have a big wedding on saturday , so I have alot to do these days...
    Enjoy your time in gardenn and with family, you are absolutly right !!!!

    Send you lots og greeetings,
    all the best,

  28. Splendid ! your garden looks like the gardens we can find here in south east of France.

  29. Love your garden, seems you have had much more sun in your country because in our garden the flowers have just started with growing and started to show their springcolours.

    Lovely to hear you still love blogging, nice to stay in contact this way.

    Warm greetings,

  30. Thanks for more pictures of your beautiful garden! I am always on the hunt for a hanging scale to put flowers in like yours, but so far most that I have seen have been pretty spendy...but the hunt goes on! ; ) Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. Oh my Jo, it is all so beautiful!!! All of that lavender...I am so jealous!!! We have nothing in bloom yet, nothing! Lovely pictures!


    :) T

  32. Thanks Jo for a peak in the garden. I too have stepped back from blogging so much and I have been very productive. I am glad you are enjoying the garden.

  33. You have a very nice blog.
    best regards Petra

  34. The dogwoods are the favorite part of my yard. I just love them. I wish they stayed blooming for longer though. Lovely pics. Now if I could only grow some lavender like that!

  35. That's a very beautiful garden blessed with such wonderful view. I'll sure come back to check for more.

    I've put up a query post on a particular flower hope you visit and answer my query on this flower.

  36. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics Jo!!! The beauty of Spring is in all of your garden :) Xoxoxo

  37. Oh my - love the look of your garden so far. The dogwood tree and apple tree are amazing. So beautiful. And the view - wow!! Can't wait to see what else spring brings.

  38. Your apple tree is drop-dead gorgeous! If i was a bee, I would wanna be hanging out there too :) The scents in your yard must be heavenly.....I miss our jasmine! And I almost talked hubby into getting a fruitless pear tree - can you tell me if their blossoms give off a scent?!


    Thanks for sharing Jo! So glad you are enjoying all your new free time :D

  39. Good morning Jo, came again to see your Dogwood tree!!! wish I could find it here in Chie.

  40. Oh I love dogwoods, wish I could get them to grown in my area.....beautiful pictures.
    Thanks for sharing your garden

  41. love it!
    those are just lovely!!!!!!!!!
    so simple and yet ...
    so pretty!
    take care jo,

  42. It most be amazing to sit down on a chair and look at the beauty of your garden. Do you plan on growing anything else? I'd love to see you grow vegetables or maybe you could get a apple tree?

    -Zane of ontario honey

  43. Hello - just love the dogwood tree, will be trying to find one here in the uk, beautiful gardens, what a lovely climate you have. Am a fan of David Austin Roses, growing quite a few of the old fashioned scented ones myself. Many thanks. Debbie


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