Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hi all!  I hope you're all doing well.


There's a bit of heavy reading below all of these pictures regarding comments that I'd love to get
your thoughts on, but first I thought I'd share a simple change I made to this corner of my dining
room.  There aren't a lot of pictures today.  I mean, there are only so many pictures you can take
of a little corner like this, right? ;-)

I use to have a galvanized bucket that held my most recent Jeanne d'Arc Living magazines
sitting in the chair, but this corner had been bothering me for a while, so I decided to switch
it out to soften it up a little.

I added one of my antique grain sack pillows and hung a little burlap bag with a dried hydrangea in
it over the back of the chair.... done... simple.  I think I like it better.  What do you think? :-)

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've also redecorated my blog a little bit.  I made a new header,
and I also switched formats.  I've been wanting to switch to this new format for a long time now.
I  just think it looks prettier.  I hope you all like it.


I have gotten so many questions about having my comments turned off ever since I
chose to do that.  Questions like:

"Why did you choose to turn your comments off?"
"How has it effected your blogging experience?...
...your followers?"... etc. etc.

Of course, this always makes me rethink whether I should turn my comments
back on or not.

The main reason I turned off my comments was just the pressure of feeling obligated to
respond to all of them.  When you have as many as 60-80 comments per post, and I know
a lot of you who have blogs do, it can get very overwhelming at times.  I know from a lot
of the emails I've received , that many of you can relate to how I feel.

Well, I have this idea, and I'd LOVE to know what you think about it...

  I've been thinking about turning my comments back on, because I LOVE to hear what
all of you think and truly miss that part of blogging.  But, I DON'T want to have that
overwhelming feeling again, so I thought instead of responding to everyone's comments,
I would answer any questions that you guys may have in my posts.  I also thought I could
add a "Comments From my Readers" section and list three of them in each post.  I thought
these ideas could be a fun way to incorporate your comments into my blogging without
having the pressure that comes along with responding to comments.

For those of you who have questions for me and would like to ask them in a  more
private setting, you can still always feel welcome to email me.

So, WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK???  I would LOVE to know.  This will
help me decide whether to turn my comments back on or not.  Thank you so
much for your time and input. :-)

I know that was a lot of reading... sorry for that!

Thanks so much for visiting!  Hope you all have a great day!

'Til next time...

~ Jo

**To leave a comment, just click on the title of the post and
scroll to the bottom of the post where the comment section is.
For some reason, even though I've changed all of my comment
settings, the comment button still won't show up at the bottom
of my blog post.  Hopefully, I'll get that figured out soon.
Thanks! :)**


  1. I can appreciate your choosing to not have comments. On my blog, I have an additional factor to consider.. My husband is active duty military. Being mindful of military OPSEC and personal security (PERSEC), there are certain things that I don't disclose on my blog(since I talk both about military life AND our experience working on our cottage/10 acres).. and would not want a friend/family member to post something I don't approve of, I have mind set to moderate. As of now, my blog is in it's infancy.. not many followers/comments. However, there have been a few from family members that let names/locations slip.. and I was glad that I had moderate where I could enjoy reading their comments yet they were never posted! Do what makes yourself comfortable and with most ease. I like the 'featured' idea, as readers may have similar questions and you can address it in one shot. On a sidenote, I am a HUGE bird lover and that picture (painting?) in the background is really sweet.

  2. When I leave a comment on someone's post, although it's always nice to hear back from the blog author, I don't expect it. It can be disappointing when you don't have an opportunity to leave a comment if you really wish to leave one. This is what blogging is all about, to connect with others and meet like minded friends and kindred spirits. I do love your blog and your beautiful photography. Thanks for turning on the comments today.


  3. I don't respond to every comment unless it is a new follower. I usually get around to most everyone on my blog roll within a few days though. To me a comment is a comment, not a request. If I get a question, I send a reply in an email or in my next post!

    I miss leaving you comments...would just like you to know how much I love reading your blog and to compliment you on what you have going on!!


  4. Well, I don't feel like I have to talk about the comment thing since we've already talked about that over and over in our emails along with your blog redecorating, so I'll just say that I love your newly remodeled corner. It looks nice and fresh and oh so pretty :)

  5. Hi Jo, I've just recently discovered your blog, and am so loving it! I, too, agree with Danielle. I don't feel you should feel pressured to answer every comment given. I can't speak for everyone else, but I personally don't expect to get an answer to every comment I make. I love your idea about answering questions. But, again, don't pressure yourself about that either. I know that I'm thrilled that you opened up your comments today so I could jot you a little note. I absolutely love your photography, staging skills, and beautiful, "homey" feel of the blog. Thanks for sharing with us all.
    Blessings to you,

  6. That sounds like a really good idea. I dont leave as many comments as I use to, simply because I very seldom got one back. I usually just read. Its not a big issue for me anyway, I consider myself a blogger bug anyway.

  7. Oh, to get the comments back on, just click post options at the bottom of the compose tab and then allow comments :)

  8. Hello dear friend =) I do really like what you did with your little corner space.....I completely underdstand why you turned your comments off, you have so many people who comment on your blog and don't have the time to comment everyone back, I think that's why I don't leave a lot of comments on other blogs because I do not want them to feel obligated on returning the favor, I do read everyone's post's and I adore all of the inspiration, but myself, I don't have the time to leave a comment for everyone. Have a lovely week Jo! Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  9. Hi Jojeana I am so glad your considering adding comments back to your blog! I am new follower and when I found your blog I feel in love with it, and I look forward to all your posts! Martina

  10. Congratulations on your lovely blog ... nice to your new angle that you created in-house ... a hug..:)

  11. Das Kissen ist ein Trau! So wunderschön! GLG Anja

  12. Hi Jo, there have so many times I wanted to leave a comment with you, sometimes I just email. OK, I totally know where you're coming from about the pressure of returning comments. More than anything I wish I had the time to visit others more often. I miss the early days of making real friends because we emailed each other so much. I've debated on fewer posts/no comments/stop blogging, etc. because I can't do everything I'd like to. I'm just doing the best I can and try not to worry. I don't expect comment returns although it's always so nice. You're not alone, but I'd love to be able to leave a comment here. just no pressure on you! xoxo Debra

  13. You already know what I think, I'll bet. ;-)

    You should blog on YOUR OWN TERMS, and do what makes YOU happiest. I completely understand the pressure, and I think you made a wise and responsible decision.

    You do whatever is best for you, and we will happily follow!


  14. Hi Jo~ Your blog and home look beautiful! It's been a long time since Ive heard from you~ Im having a Romantic Homes giveaway right now! Have a beautiful day~ xo Rachel

  15. I'm going to leave 100 comments a day and I EXPECT a lengthy reply.

    JUST KIDDING! Hope that made you smile. Your idea sounds great to me! The blog looks sooo pretty...

    ♥Linsey @

  16. I hear you loud and clear Jo! I can't even begin to leave comments for everyone that leaves me one even if I have a few, because I am still on dial-up internet and it just isn't possible. Talk about feeling guilty. I try not to, but somedays I just do.
    I would love you to turn comments back on and do it the way you suggested. That is a neat idea.
    As far as getting the comments box at the bottom of your post you go into comments and edit it. You can shoose the box at the bottom, pop up box or full page comments. For myself I am having terrible trouble leaving comments on the box at the bottom format. Pop up and whole page seems to work...for now anyways!!
    Sandi@Wayside Treasures

  17. Hello,

    I´m a reader of your beautiful blog from germany. I was wondering why I can´t leave comments to your postings but now I understand your feelings. I have not so much comments on my own little blog but find it difficulty to answer all of them because it needs so much time.
    Your possibility to pick up 5 comments or questions is a great idea I think. Blogging is a nice hobby but should not be a too big part in our life.
    I love your pictures from your home and garden (because I love antiques and vintage) and enjoy them very much.

    With best wishes from germany,

  18. No matter what you decide...I'm still keeping up with your blog. LOVE your style and taste!

  19. I did wonder why you turned off comments, I'm so glad you told us why....and now i completely understand...
    I don't expect a response each time i comment either. I love blogging and I am in massively in love with my bloggy friends, but it all can take alot of time, and with everything else going on, sometimes i miss my friends posts, and just don't have the time to read them all, and respond the way i'd like. So, i think most people would understand if you don't respond, especially when you get so many comments on your posts!


  20. Hi Jo!

    I know you've contemplated about this for some time, per the email that you sent to me...but I think I would love to have you turn on your comments {even though you had already chosen to have your comments turned off when I first started blogging}. :) I think your idea sounds great! :)

    And I LOVE your decorated corner, blog page and header - you did a fantastic job!!! :)


  21. I have come here often and love your site....but have never contacted you through email....but there were several times I just wanted to I love what you do here.
    Now I can =)
    I say go for comments.

  22. Hi Jo - love your new header and format! Honestly, I am happy for your to do whatever you feel is the right thing for you. It's always a lovely thrill to get a response but it is certainly not expected EVERY time I make a comment. I never grow tired of seeing your beautiful home and garden. ;)Sharyne

  23. Well, it's not easy to embellish a corner, but you did it, I like how it is now!
    About the question you put on the comments I do completly agree with Serendipity. I think that the final meaning of blogging is connect with others, and share our thoughts and tastes.
    I love your blog

  24. Hello there! :)
    Well I love being able to leave you a comment- but no problem to just email either! I agree with the others- its up to you and you should do what works best for you.
    :) Hugs, Courtney

  25. Hi! I would rather read and enjoy more of your beautiful posts than get a reply to a comment. Spend your time doing doing what you love....
    I am a fan of guilt free blogging! :)

  26. I love your blog and than you for enabling the comment section today.
    You need to do what feels right for you after all it's your space here...
    I'd enjoy leaving a comment or two on a regular basis but do not expect any response whatsoever.
    Blog without obligation!

    The burlap cushion is so pretty with the distressed cupboard.


  27. I'm fairly new to blogging, both following and writing, and maybe this comment will reveal how new: I'd never expect any blogger to respond to every comment. If I'd posed a direct question, then yes, or answer in a post. If the comment was ESPECIALLY appreciated (it's a given that they all are) or encouraging, etc., then, at the discretion of the blogger, they might reply. But to everyone? It's impossible for the writers of well-read blogs. Please leave the comments on so we can laud your work and/or offer encouragement if it's needed. Make a "group thanks" in a post if the occasion warrants. But, please, don't EVER feel like you need to individually reply to everyone.

  28. Hi Jo!
    I'm glad you turned on the comments today...I've really missed being able to leave you one. There's something wrong with my email connecting to my blog so I am not able to directly email anyone unless I have their address, but even so, I don't feel the need to respond or follow up to comments. I think you should read and enjoy them but I do love your featured idea. After you read all your comments, it would be fun to address questions or comments directly in another post. This might also give you some great ideas for upcoming posts.
    I think it's important for all of us to understand why we blog in the first place. I do it to share inspiration but when it becomes work for you or makes you feel like it's more of a chore than enjoyable...the reason might be wrong.
    I love your posts and look forward to them... if I hear from you, wonderful. If not, I know you are reading our comments and preparing your next beautiful and inspirational post. But I never feel that you are obligated to respond to me. I do like to let connect to my favorite bloggers though via my comments.

    whew...the changes in your blog are lovely. I especially love your new header. :)

  29. I always love to look at your gorgeous photos and I love your beautiful home. I think blogging should be fun, not pressure and how unrealistic to reply to 80 comments! We know you get to see them and it would be fun to have you answer questions in a post but still no pressure!
    Love the new header, I noticed it right away. And your photos are as dreamy as ever :)


  30. Hi Jo ~ I am always so inspired by your beautiful home and photography and I love the redesign of your blog ~ so pretty! I never expect bloggers to reply to my comments and I totally understand that it's just not possible to respond to everyone. Your ideas are great but do whatever is best for you!

  31. Hy - your new header is wonderful. And I find, that, if you have no time to read all the comments, you are right to turn them off! And when somebody wants really to write you, they have just to write an e-mail, like I do, or I did! But I think also, that a lot of readers didn't let hear anything from them, didn't them?
    Several weeks ago I closed also my comment function and some readers asked me the same....and I turned it on again.
    Finally, I think, that the decision is only on you!
    Everybody knows, that your pictures are beautiful!!! And I am following your blog, even withouht comment function. Hugs, Barbara

  32. First of all, I love the little corner - it looks very cozy and pretty! I adore the grain sack pillow and have been wanting one for a while now! As for your comments...that's a great idea, though at some point you may get overwhelmed with having to repost questions with answers...I don't really think people comment with the intent of hearing a response always (atleast I don't) - perhaps you could just respond to the ones who actually ask a question or stick to your idea when it comes to the questions. I think a random, occasional response to people would be just fine. This coming from someone who only gets about 4-5 comments at most haha! I'm still growing haha! By the way...I DID notice that your header was different and it's lovely :) ~Destiny

  33. I think the whole 'Comment Thing' is overrated.

  34. Hi dear Jo,

    I know exactly how you feel and it´s your blog, you could do whatever you want !!! Really good idea that you had...I always love lokkind at your great pics, you know that....
    Hope you are fine my dear , have a great time , halloween is coming...I remeber your last -years -deco....

    All the best ,

  35. Hi Jo,

    I think you should do what you want to do. This isn't a competition, it isn't a race, it is YOUR blog. If you looks at the high traffic blogs, you KNOW they don't answer every comment. I think that's just how it is. NOBODY has time to respond to 60-80 comments per post. It isn't possible. I think if you make a point to answer questions, personally and/or publicly, that is good enough. Personally, I'd be tickled to get so many comments that it was a burden to respond to them all! LOL! Bottom line, your blog, do it your way. It doesn't matter, we will keep looking at your beautiful pictures of your beautiful home and gardens whether we can tell you how awesome you are or not. Smile...


  36. Hi darling !! nice that we can comment is your blog ! you may do with it what you want...please do it on your way...that is the most lovely thing to do......i have also round the 100 comments everytime when i post.......i can't answer them all.......but i visit a lot of blogs......and put a little comment where i will.....i also do it on my own way....and questions?? i anwer alawys.......also new blog comments from new people........lovely yes yes !! we can comment !!

  37. I have often seen something that I wanted to comment on and couldn't so to have them back on would be great!

  38. I don't think you should feel any pressure to reply to comments at all! Your plan is very generous and it would be lovely of you to do even that much! When you start getting so many comments, I at least don't expect a reply. It's completely understandable. I think whatever you end up doing just needs to be right for you. xx

  39. Hi Jo~
    So happy to see that you are considering allowing comments again. I love your idea but most importantly, do what makes you happy! The blog world shouldn't be filled with pressure. Allow yourself to enjoy it and embrace the fact that you are a true inspiration to your readers who would love to just let you know that. Me included.

  40. I personally like it better when the blogger responds in the comments because many times I have my own questions anwered. :) I don't expect a blogger to spend a tremendous amout of time responding. Let's face it we have lives! ;) I uderstand folks who have businesses, etsy shops and advertisers needing to spend much more time "mingling" with readers but not someone who just enjoys blogging. :) I love you blog, by the way. ;)

  41. Comments or no, I enjoy your blog very much! I was very excited to the see the wire basket on the wall, I just bought one like it in a thrift shop on Saturday. Looking for the perfect spot to hang it.

  42. I think comments are an important part of blogging, creating an interactive experience. Although I do comment on blogs, I don't expect to get a response. I think that as things evolve, we have to change our approach as well. I think the suggestion you have made is an excellent one and I say go for it!

  43. Hi Jo, I love your blog and will continue to enjoy your posts no matter what you decide to do! It is a great compliment to you and your beautiful posts that you receive so many comments but you need to do whatever you feel best doing and I certainly understand whatever you choose to do. And, BTW, I just returned from Target and the little latte bowls were marked down to 98 cents each! I bought the three they had left!! They are so cute and I love them.

  44. Thats a great idea! And I don't blame you - I would be overwhelmed if I received that many were so nice to respond to them all but that must have been overwhelming. Hope all is well!!! XO

  45. Hi Jo,
    I couldn't stay up with that many comments either and I know you are the kind who feels like she needs to let her readers who comment know that she appreciates them. I think you have hit upon something very new and cutting edge, others may just follow your lead!
    I love the little chair with the burlap bag for a posie, very sweet!
    You don't need to respond to my comment today, I will be reading your next post, to see if you address this in it.
    hugs, Cindy

  46. Hi, OMgosh you must be the best find yet! I LOVE your color schemes throughout your house & your pictures are beautiful! I am a fairly new blogger & in the process of trying to learn my new camera. My pics are not the best :( I found you from Funk Junks recent FB post :) I'm going to read your camera tips now! Oh, as for the comment whatever works for you & I'm sure your readers will understand! I like the sidebar idea of putting questions there with answers!

  47. love your pictures!
    The style and colours are beautiful!
    greetings from the Netherlands

  48. Oh I know exactly what you are saying Jo. It can be crazy, but I agree with Laura (52 flea) we should do what works best for us. I don't have the comments enabled on my garden blog and I love it. I can post all the pics I want and no one can complain ;-)

  49. Comments are good to leave on because everyone likes to be a part of the blogging experience.

    In order to keep up, suggest they go to Facebook. That's where I host my communication. Sooooo easy! You say one thing and EVERYONE sees it.


  50. I understand what your saying. If you don't reply to people then you feel bad because you think that could be me. You probably feel the same way other people feel. You feel like someone didn't care about you if they don't reply. The truth is though everyone has a life and can't always reply to people. It could be that you didn't see the comment too. At least you care about the people that try to communicate with you. On a side note I love the little pouch you made that holds the flowers. It's very cute.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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