Saturday, April 7, 2012


 Hello everyone!  I hope you have all been well.  I've truly missed visiting with all of you...
Before I say anything else, I first want to say thank you so much for your thoughtful and encouraging
comments!  Even though I may not have the time to respond to all of you right now (preparing to
move), I read each and every one.  They truly lift me up with each word, and I can't thank you
enough! :)

Okay, so now that I've had a chance to get that out to you... let's move on to this fun scale
hanging planter.  This is something I did about two years ago, but this simple idea seems to be a
 big hit on Pinterest, so I thought I would share it here again on my blog for those of you who
may have missed it.

 When I found this scale in a local antiques shop, I thought I would use it in my kitchen, but my
ceilings were too low, and it just didn't feel right in there.  So my creative juices started flowing,
and I started thinking of the different ways I could use it.  This is what I ended up with... 

...a hanging planter for some pretty spring flowers.  I made the basket using some chicken wire and
lined it with some moss that was actually growing in my garden, but I've since used moss that you can
buy at the local craft or hardware stores, such as Lowe's or Michael's.

I'm missing being able to do gardening right now... my favorite time of year, but I've finally
found a rental home that I'll be moving into very soon!  I get the keys next week!  I have
lots of painting to do before we can officially move in... lots to do!  I'm actually excited about
having a clean slate to make a cozy home that I love to come home to again... a home for me
and my girls. :-)


Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comments!

'Til next time...

Jo :-)


  1. Wonderful pictures!
    Have a good week end!

  2. My friend just sold a scale top like that a few weeks ago! I love what you did with the handmade basket and the use of the scale outside. Just lovely!

  3. I just adore your scale planter! So cute!

    Happy Easter!

  4. I am so happy for you Jo and your new beginning!!~ It will be so wonderful when you get into your new home. I'm glad you and your girls are doing okay.
    I love the scale with the flowers, that's a great idea!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend and a joyous Easter!!~

  5. Glad to hear you embracing the clean slate. Can't wait to see pictures of your new home once you get settled it. I'm sure it will be just lovely. Have a wonderful Easter!

  6. I have been so busy, and haven't visited anyone, just read what you have been going thru...I am so sorry!!!! I know you will make your new place a perfect home for you and your girls!!!

  7. Wonderdul blog - I admire :)
    Have a happy Easter ✿ܓ

  8. Wonderful pictures!!
    Have a lovely Easter, Jo. Enjoy with the people you love..


  9. Jo,
    So good to hear from you.I am so happy that you found a place for you and your girls.When you are done painting you will have fun decorating.Can't wait to see what you.I continue to keep you all in our prayers.God has big plans for you I just know it.
    Wishing you and your girls a Happy Easter.

  10. That's so fantastic! I love to hear these great news! Your pics are wonderful! Happy Easter to you and yours! Christa

  11. Fantastic! :)
    Happy Easter
    Hugs Maria

  12. I'm so glad you're looking forward to a new place! It's always exciting to have a new space to work with. I wish you well with the move. Spring is a good time for it. (Moves are always h-e-double-l no matter what.) So nice to see your beautiful project once more!

  13. Such a nice surprise to see you on my blogroll today Jo!:) I love your planter it is beautiful the way youve displayed it. Best wishes for your upcoming move and Im sure you will make it a cozy love filled space! xoxo Rachel

  14. Hi Jo !!..what a beautiful are you ??..happy easter from

  15. Love that planter, Jo.

    Good luck with your move - never easy, ugh.

    Happy Easter Weekend to you, too!

  16. Happy Easter to you too, Jo! I hope you're going to share your new home with us ~ I know you'll have it fixed up in your wonderful style in no time. Blessings to to you and your girls!!

  17. Hi Jo, I've been busy with a lot of things that I've missed several posts,
    I'm so sorry what happened ... wish you and your daughters all the best and good luck with your new home !
    Happy Easter,

  18. Blessings to you and your girls this Easter! Happy Home Fixing!!

  19. Love the idea, that is just darling. I would love the same look, may have to copy you. Thanks for sharing:)

  20. No matter where you go you take yourself. In your case much beauty. You and your girls might have a different address but it'll be a home with beauty and love. Have a blessed Easter.


  21. Hi Jo! I was just going to pop in and wish you a happy Easter, when I saw that you just posted again. I'm so glad that you found a new home and are excited about it! I know that with your gift of style, you'll make it sweet and welcoming and oh so pretty. :) Praying that you and your girls have a blessed Easter together tomorrow, sweetie! Hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  22. I've been thinking of you, wondering what you've been up to this week. I thought maybe you had already started painting. I hope it all goes well. I'm feeling excited for you're on the cusp of something wonderful. I hope you and your girls have a happy and blessed Easter.
    big hugs ♥

  23. Thank you for sharing,Happy Easter, take care and enjoy! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  24. What a lovely idea. I love it. It looks amazing! Happy Easter, Sally xx

  25. I have thought about you and your situation often. Just can't imagine what that is like, just such a blow. I am so happy that you are moving forward and focusing on the positive! Your new place will be beautiful with your touch. Can't wait to see pictures! Happy Easter!

  26. I love the idea of a hanging scale planter, I will have to look for one of those. That would look awesome on my patio.
    Happy painting, it sounds like you are finding joy in life again, I'm so glad for you, dear lady.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  27. All I can say is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for the inspiration! :) chris

  28. Jo,
    I'm so glad for you, that you're doing ok and moving forward. I'm sure sometimes it doesn't feel like it. I've thought about you a lot lately and had hoped that you were fine. Leaving the house, that's one thing I kind of miss the garden. Keep your chin up though. E-mail me anytime.
    Hugs, Amanda

  29. Hi Jo...congrats on your new home!
    Have fun feathering your new nest and I am looking forward to seeing what you create!
    Have a nice week!

  30. Good luck for the new home... and for the new life to begin!
    Always think positive! =)
    Hugs from me

  31. What a beautiful idea, I love it!

    I've been keeping you in prayer as you enter this new chapter in your life.
    Remember, there is NOTHING you cannot do. :-)

    Big hugs,

  32. Beautiful! You have a lovely blog, and I'm a new follower...♥♥
    So nice to meet you!

  33. Oh Jo Jo! it is just divine, I love the scale and what you create around you, and for the new home I am so excited for you, I know where you are at in this time of your lifes journey and all I want to say is be brave, you are going to find your place and build your nest for your girls and trust in me it really will get better. I know it feels like it shouldnt but in time you will look back and wonder why it took so long, good things in life should happen much faster and all this will be good for you and your girls.

    I am even more excited to see what you have done with it, will your center island fit, and if not re-purpose it somewhere, even under a porch as a potting bench if need be, or a server/buffet of sorts for out-door get togethers.

    I just know you will find peace and calm in your new place making the old new again.

    Lots of love to you my sweet friend.

    Oh did you find a job? and how is it coming along, when things settle down, take time to blog and create again we miss and love all you inspire.


  34. Jo...what a splendid scale I just love it I have one on our back porch but it isn't as grand as yours...or as CLEAN...I am praying for you and your girls as you prepare to make a new home for yourselves...I've been there Jo...the Lord has you all in the palm of his hands... this moment in time will present "unexpected gifts"...that will bless you AND your girls in ways you could have never imagined...blessings and prayers my friend...

    Karena A Loblolly Life

  35. I can't wait to see what you do with your new place! Best of luck with the move. It's a pain to move but it's always nice once you get in and you realize everything is neat and organized. Good luck to your fresh start! :)

  36. Hi Jo~~ I just LOVE your scale planter!! It is so fabulous:) So glad to hear that things are looking up for you. You deserve the best in life...
    Have a wonderful week

  37. Hello Jo, I'm french and my name si Marie-Jo ! I just want to say to you "bon courage" and I wish you the best for future, for you and your children. I'm sure you will get a very beautiful new life and a so romantic new home. I'll pray for you. Have a nice evening, good luck and god bless you, Marie-Jo

  38. Your scale hanging basket is FABULOUS!! I wish you the best as you make a move and establish a new home. I know it will be charming because you are so creative.
    Mary Alice

  39. Beautiful hanging basket! I could NEVER be that creative! Am remembering you in my prayers every night. I know the best is yet to come for you and your family. luv.m.

  40. I'm a new follower and have added you to my side bar to keep track of you!! I wish you and your children the best and you will be in my thoughts! I adore your scale planter!!

  41. I'm a new follower too.
    wowww so lovely ! I absolutely love this style. so, when I saw your blog I just...... scream out!!
    like falling deeply in love haha
    Lyna :D

  42. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I want to follow but I dont see twitter or facebook in here??

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  43. I discover at moment your blog, just wonderful, the pictures, your home..and the cute flowers, swwet colours. I think I'll visite you often. Kisses. Christine

  44. I love this post. It is cute with the flower basket hanging from the scale. Would love for you to share on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Everyone will love your idea... Have a great weekend.


  45. Love the scale planter. So charming! Wishing you and your girls all the best with this new chapter. It was so comforting to read your happiness about your new place at the end! Here's to a new beginning, Jo. Love ya, Jami

  46. Tienes una casa y un jardin precioso al igual que el blog .
    Besos !!

  47. Hey sweetpea! Just checking in to see how you and the girls are doing! Sending you hugs and love! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  48. Thinking of you! I'm hoping you are happy even though you are busy!! :-) Such a cute planter!

  49. I found you on Fiona and Twig's FB page. I don't see you with a FB or Pinterest button. I'll check it out again. I would love to have you click "LIKE" on my personal page and then my SusanGail Designs page to join my with my little group of FB artists, crafters, shop owners, photographers, share inspiration, motivation and Love.

  50. What a gorgeous idea. I just stumbled across your bog & have signed up as your latest follower - I look forward to popping back for some more o your beautiful photography!


  51. I'm thinking of you and I hope it's all right for you and your girls. I'm coming here time after time to see if you are in your new house ! We'll follow you in your new sweet home ! Best regards and have a great week end, Marie-Jo from France.

  52. Hi I have just found your blog. I hope your move went well and that you have settled into your new home. A similar thing happened to me some years ago. I just want to encourage you with the girls my daughter wants to train to be a doctor and it looks like this is entirely possible - expect the best for your girls you are still a family.
    ps someone mentioned the divorce care course at church it is very highly recommended.
    Sally x
    pps your photos are lovely :)

  53. Dear Jo,

    I wrote to you back in January. I am a single mom of two girls as well. But we have been at this for a while now. I hope that you are doing well in your new home. I know that as time passes you and your girls will find your groove and you will begin to heal. I still miss my girls when they are at their Dad's. I do, though, really enjoy my time. That is how I have had the time to blog and start my etsy store and I love both of those pursuits. You are in my prayers. And somehow, though I don't know you, I feel that it is my turn to give back. I have received so much support and love during my time since the divorce. So, please if there is anything I can do for you please reach out.


  54. Dearest Jo, Jo !!

    Please come for a visit, I hope you received my email for the Giveaway invite!
    There is no one I would rather see more there at a chance win. You will love this book I see so much of you in its design style, so come over and just say hello and I will include you :)

    How are you doing? How is the new home? how is your passion for walking into life?
    It was a long walk for me, but as time went by it got shorter and shorter.
    We love you girl and truly miss all you inspire.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Blessings my Friend,
    GET BACK Jo, Jo


  55. Missing you on your blog!! Hope you are well and happy

  56. Keep checking to see if you are back - hoping that you and your girls are doing ok with all of the life changes....

  57. I love this scale planter, everything you do is so tasteful. Hope your move wasn't too stressful.

  58. Thank you so much for all of your lovely and supportive comments! What a great group of ladies!! You guys are the best!! Great BIG HUG to all of you :)

  59. Oh gosh, I absolutely adore your scale planter! It's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pictures. :)

  60. This is a brilliant use of creativity. Way to go on turning something old and decaying into a beautiful landscape piece. Keep up the great work!

  61. You have a such a wonderful style of decorating ...when are you coming back? I'd love to see your new place.

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  63. gorgeous!
    looking to see if you are on FB


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Your comments are always welcome and appreciated. I love to hear what you have to say. Thanks! :) Jo